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Dead Space: Downfall (2008)

by  |  August 25th, 2011  |  Animation

Horror/Scifi movies, what can I say about them?  They are great! I would almost go so far as to say that they are my favorite type of movies! Not quite, but pretty darn close to it…

Besides the obvious (The weaponry and the action/suspense) in these types of movies, I like them because they expand on the basic concepts that are in Science Fiction films (at least the ones that I have seen.)  Now what I mean by this is that movies (usually ones that involve Aliens) are usually more realistic in that when a person dies, you can tell that they really died!

Now there are many other reasons why these genre’s combined as well as separate are good, but the above mentioned is just one solid example of why those two genre’s are great!

With all of this in mind, I was really happy to discover the movie, Dead Space: Downfall (2008):

Written by: Jimmy Palmiotti (DC Showcase: Jonah Hex) and Justin Gray (Speed Racer: The Next Generation).  Directed by: Chuck Patton (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles).  Starring: Nika Futterman (Random! Cartoons), Keith Szarabajka (The Dark Knight), Jim Cummings (Disney TH!NK Fast), Hal Sparks (Tak & The Power Of JuJu), Phil Morris (Emissary) and Kelly Hu (Farmhouse).

In the future mankind’s major religion will dominate almost every facet of society…  So it goes with out saying that on the lifeless planet of Aegus 7, where a colony of humanity is located, a large unknown Alien artifact is found, and is excavated and sent back to the colony so that it can be investigated further….

The artifact, when it is first discovered by the Colonists.

Now cut to the USG Ishimura… The Ishimura is a military vessel that is sent in to investigate what is going on with the inhabitants of the colony on Aegus 7 as well as to recover the artifact for the Church back on Earth (The church believes that this item will help humanity to beat death.)

After the artifact is delivered to the ship, a crew is sent down to find out what happened to the colony…

During this time one of the crewmen that is sent down to the planet heads over to where his girl friend was stationed on the colony.  Finding her still alive and having cut her neck with a laser saw.  The crew man decides to run back to his little shuttle, and ends up getting chased up and down by Alien Zombies that have killed and taken over the humans…

When he finally makes it to the shuttle with his dead girl friend in his arms, he decides to take off without the guy that had come down to the colony with him…

The crewman as he frantically tries to get back to the ship.

Now back on the ship, the bridge crew is abuzz with activity and one of the crewmen on the bridge announces to Captain Mathius (Cummings) about the fact that quickly one right after the other the remaining humans on the planet are dying off! So Captain Mathius decides to quarantine the rest of the ship from any one who might be left alive down on the planet and trying to make it back to the ship!

The only shuttle that is able to make it back is the shuttle that has the crewman and his dead girl friend on it, as he was trying to make it back to the ship frantically. When the shuttle makes it in to the bay his girl friends body comes back to life, and kills the crewman, thus making the shuttle crash.

Now during this time, Captain Mathius decides to send down his Chief Of Security by the name of Alissa Vincent (Futterman) and her team to investigate… The problem is, is that the Captain is to late, because the Alien Zombie has already escaped the shuttle and is making it’s way to create more Alien Zombie’s and to get some food!

With that said, it is now up to Chief Vincent and her unit, along with the rest of the crew to stop this Alien Zombie infestation, before the entire ship becomes affected!

Chief Vincent and her unit as they are trying to take out the first batch of known Alien Zombies.

Now what I liked about this movie and what I truly do think makes this an Awesome B Movie is a couple of things:

1. Now admittedly the premise is very similar to the Alien movie series, but with my just in the last few months being able to re-capture my love of Anime, getting to combine, Anime, Horror and Sci-fi was just a fun combo!

2. The next thing that I wanted to say about this movie is that I love the casting for this movie, I mean granted all of this movie is done by voice over work, but they all did a great job with it!  And getting people like Bruce Boxleitner (Tron: Legacy 3D) and Keith Szarabajka was a real plus!

3.  And the last thing that I thought that I would mention about for you gamers out there is the fact that this movie has a couple video games out their to play on both Playstation 3 and Xbox 360.

With that said, for you Anime fans, you might want to check this one out, it is a fun one!



Nathan Strack


Nathan Strack is a Writer/Director/Filmmaker & Owner/Founder of: Hell In Space, Strack Web Design Service & Strack Store.

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