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A Brief History Of Classic Military Sci Fi Films.

by  |  August 12th, 2011  |  Blog

In the last few months I have recommended some in my opinion truly great movies that in some ways involve Military and Scifi, (These films being Zone Troopers (1985) and The Final Countdown (1980))…

With that said, it got me to thinking about some of the other great Scifi films out there that have in some way involved a form of the Military for that movie! And with that said, I thought it would be cool to give you guys a brief history of some of these truly classic Military Scifi Films.

Now the earlist Military Science Fiction movie that I can find is this movie is The Battle In The Clouds (1909):

Written and Directed by: Walter R. Booth (Bobby Wideawake).  Produced by: Charles Urban (The Aerial Anarchists), Special Effects by: George Albert Smith.

This movie tells the story of an inventor around the beginning of the 20th century who uses wireless controlled torpedos to destroy airships!

For more information, please enjoy the short film, Battle In The Clouds (1909):

Now I want to bounce a head to the 1930s – 1940s…

The 1930s and  1940s generally seemed to cement what Military science ficition movies would later become…

One movie that I thought that I would recommend is S.O.S Coast Guard (1937):

Written by: Franklin Adreon (Zorro Rides Again), Edward Lynn, Winston Miller (Behind The Criminal) and Directed by: Alan James (Dick Tracy) and William Witney (The Trigger Trio).  Starring: Ralph Byrd (Dick Tracy Meets Gruesome), Bela Lugosi (White Zombie), Maxine Doyle (Condemned To Live)

This movie tells the story of a mad scientist who sells his formula for mass disintegration to the country of Marovania.  During the mad scientists voyage to Marovania, his ship runs aground off the coast of California.  And now it is up to Coast Guard Lieutenant  Terry Kent to find the mad scientist and what ever gas he has made etc… To protect the civilian populace!

An interesting piece of trivia for this movie is that this movie was originally a serial that was made in 1937, but was turned in to a full length feature film in 1942.

For more information on this film, please enjoy the trailer for S.O.S. Coast Guard (1937):

The next one that I thought that I would mention here is Invisible Agent (1942):

Written by: Curt Siodmak (London Blackout Murders) and Directed by: Edwin L. Marin (Two Tickets To London) and starring: Ilona Massey (Frankenstein Meets The Wolfman), Jon Hall (Arabian Nights), Peter Lorre (The Boogie Man Will Get You).

This movie tells the story of the grandson of the original invisible man, whom after the attack on Pearl Harbor offers his services with his Grandfather’s formula in hand to go and spy on Nazi Germany as the new Invisible man!

A piece of trivia that I think that you guys might like is that this movie is loosely based on the H.G. Wells novel, ‘The Invisible Man’.

For more information, please enjoy the trailer for, Invisible Agent (1942):


The next two decades that I thought I would mention here, are the 1950s and the 1960s…

Now I believe that these two decades truly are the beginning of a real golden age when it comes to Science Fiction films in general, but also for Military Science Fiction movies as well!

With that said the first movie that I thought that I would mention here is a movie that personally really enjoy is, The Day The Earth Stood Still (1951):

Written by: Edmund H. North (The Outcasts Of Poker Flat), and Directed by: Joseph M. Newman (Pony Soldier).  Starring: Michael Rennie (The 13th Letter), Patricia Neal (Week-End With Father), and Hugh Marlowe (Bugles In The Afternoon).

This movie tells the story of an Alien (who looks like a human) that comes to Earth with a word of warning to the planet that the world governments are going to have to stop being so hostile or Earth will be destroyed as a danger to other planets…

With that said a couple of pieces trivia that I thought that you guys might find to be rather interesting is the following:

1. This movie was remade a few years ago with Keanu Reeves (The Matrix series).

2. This movie is based on Harry Bates story, ‘Fairwell To The Master’.

For more information, please enjoy the trailer for the movie, The Day The Earth Stood Still (1951):

The next one that I am putting on here, admittedly I have already recommended here, but I am convinced still holds up rather nicely and is worth mentioning is the movie, Queen Of Blood (1966):

For more information on this movie, please check out my recommendation for it by clicking here:

Now the next two decades I personally think was probably the mid way point in what I would consider to be the golden age of Science Fiction films in general but also for Scifi Military movies, and that is the 1970s and the 1980s:

The first one that I thought that I would mention here is Ape (1976):

Written by: Reuben Leder (The Chinese Caper) and Written and Directed by: Paul Leder (Red Light In The White House).  Starring: Rod Arrants (Another World), Joanna Kerns (The Million Dollar Rip-Off), Alex Nicol (Woman In the Rain)

Ape basically tells the story of a 35 foot Gorilla that runs amok in the city of Seoul South Korea, and the Gorilla ends up kidnapping an actress that happens to be making a movie in that area at that time… (Sound familiar?)

With that said a couple of things that I thought that you might find to be rather interesting are:

1. You might say that this is South Korea’s version of the original classic King Kong (1933)

2. This movie was shot originally in 3D

3.  This movie was filmed on the coat tails of the Dino De Laurentis (Manhunter) remake of the original 1933 movie, King Kong!

For more information on this movie, please enjoy the trailer for the movie, Ape (1976):

The next movie that I thought that I would mention here, and this movie is one of my favorite Science Fiction movies of all times is Aliens (1986):

Written by: David Giler (Beverly Hills Cop 2) and Walter Hill (The Driver), and Written and Directed by: James Cameron (The Terminator).  Starring Sigourney Weaver (The Ghost Busters series), Michael Biehn (Navy Seals), Carrie Henn (Alien Evolution) and Lance Henriksen (Millennium):

This movie tells the continuing story of Ripley and her war with the Xenomorph Aliens… This time the moon that Ripley had found them in, in Alien is colonized, when an unknown attack on the colony occurs, the Colonial Marine Corps along with the company decides to send Ripley and a group of Colonial Marines, because the theory is, is that attack was done by a group of Xenomorphs!

With that said there is a couple of interesting things that I thought that I would mention about this movie is:

1. This unfortunately would be the only movie that Carrie Henn has ever actually done.

2. All of the ‘Actual’ Marines trained for this movie with the British military, with the exception of William Hope (Who played Gorman), Sigourney Weaver (who played Ripley) and Paul Reiser (who played Burke). Now the reason that Hope, Weaver and Reiser were not added to the roster of those getting trained by the British Military is to divide the the Marines from Gorman (who although is a Marine, he is less experienced then all of the Marines,) Ripley (Who is not a soldier.) and Burke who is there for financial reasons!

3. According to Lance Henriksen, the hand/knife seen was discussed with everyone but Bill Paxton!

Lance Henriksen (Bishop) and I at Creation Entertainments Annual 'Weekend Of Horrors'

For more information, please enjoy the trailer for the movie, Aliens (1986):

Now to thoroughly wrap up a full history of Military Science Fiction movies, the next 3 decades that I am going to mention here is: the 1990s, the 2000s and the 2010s:

The first movie that I thought that I would mention here, and this movie is a true classic is, Independence Day (1996):

Written by: Dean Devlin (Stargate) and Written and Directed By: Roland Emmerich (The Noah’s Ark Principal) and starring: Will Smith (Men In Black), Bill Pullman (Lost Highway), and Jeff Goldblum (Vibes).

This movie is the classic Alien invasion film, that has to do with the world governments having to repel an Alien force!

With that said, if you would like some more information, please enjoy the trailer for the movie, Independence Day (1996):


The next movie that I thought that I would mention here is a movie that is slightly different and that is Resident Evil (2002)

Written and Directed by Paul W.S. Anderson (AVP: Alien Vs. Predator) and starring: Milla Jovovich (The Fifth Element), Michelle Rodriguez (Lost), and Eric Mabius (The Crow: Salvation).

This movie, which is based on the video game of the same name tells the story of a woman who wakes up with amnesia in this mansion…  Now it turns out that this manion houses under it a major research labratory where this company is trying to find an anti-aginging serum… But turn out only to create Zombies.

Now when a problem arises, an elite military team from the company is sent along with the girl and another guy that is found, down to the lab to find out what is wrong and try to fix it before the contagion spreads!

For more information, please enjoy the trailer for the movie, Resident Evil (2002):

Now for the final movie that I mentioning here is Battle Los Angeles (2011):

Written by: Christopher Bertolini (Madso’s War) and Directed by: Jonathan Liebsman (The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning).  Starring: Aaron Eckhart (The Dark Knight), Michelle Rodriguez, and Bridget Moynahan (Lord Of War).

This movie is another classic Alien invasion film. With the setting being the coast of Los Angeles:

For more info, please enjoy the trailer for the movie, Battle Los Angeles (2011):





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