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Squirm (1976)

by  |  July 22nd, 2011  |  Horror

Now I have seen a lot of monster movies in my time.  When it comes to horror,  they are the more typical type of monster movies, such  as Vampires, Zombies etc… In such films as Dracula A.D. 1972 (1972) with Christopher Lee (The Wicker Man) and Peter Cushing (Shock waves), another one being one of my favorite Zombie movies of all time, George A. Romero's Dawn Of The Dead (1978) with Ken Foree (Halloween) and Gaylen Ross (Madman).

There are many other great monster movies out there in the horror movie genre as well as the Science Fiction genre, Them! (1954) is a great example of a monster movie from those genres…

And Squirm is definitely one of them!

Written and directed by: Jeff Lieberman (Blue Sunshine) and starring: Don Scardino (Cruising), Patricia Pearcy (The Rockford Files), R.A. Dow, Fran Higgins, Jean Sullivan (Escape In The Desert)

Squirm tells the story of a weekend of Antiquing in the small seaside town of Fly Creek Georgia, and how that went REALLY wrong…

What I mean by this is before the movie even starts it is intimated that Mick (Scardino) meets Geraldine 'Geri' Sanders (Pearcy) at some sort of out of town antique dealers show…

Now Geri Sanders is a small time dealer (basically junk) antique dealer from the small town of Fly Creek Georgia who after meeting Mick decides to invite Mick down to her small town so that he can do some antiquing and it appears, so that both Mick and Geri can get better acquainted with each other and to pursue some sort of budding relationship!

With that said, the night before Mick is supposed to arrive in to town, Fly Creek has one of the worst storms on record, the electricity is out, the roads are flooded over etc…

So when Mick is on a bus that is headed toward Fly Creek, the bus stops near one of the first major pools of water and ends up letting Mick out of the bus, and the bus driver gives him the quickest and easiest directions to Fly Creek. Once Mick gets out and follows the directions that the bus driver gave him, he ends up walking straight in to a swamp (getting everything he had on him, wet…)

Mick (Scardino) after he falls in to the Swamp.

From there he meets Geri and the two of them head in to town to get some ice….

Now here is where it starts to get kind of weird.  You see first off the truck that they are riding in is Geri's neighbor Roger's (Dow) truck and this is a company vehicle that him and his father own that is mostly used to transport worms to their bait shop from their worm farm…

Now before I continue, let me preface what I am about to say with the fact that the worms that Roger and his father collect are worms that generally speaking will bite and become carnivorous when struck with electricity…

With that said, while Geri is picking up some ice at a local store, a crack is heard in the back of the truck which makes it rumble.  Now this pushes Mick to head in to the local drug store for a drink.

Now while drinking his drink he discovers one of these worms and ends up spilling his drink all over the place… Now of course this annoys everyone in the store (Great start to a great trip eh?)

Mick discovers a worm in his drink, while waiting for Geri to pick up a bl

ock of ice when he first gets in to town.

With that said, Mick heads back out to the truck and with Geri already inside of the truck, the two decide to head to Geri's house.

When they get there, Geri introduces Mick to her mother Naomi (Sanders) and her sister Alma (Higgins).  Well after this is done, and after Mick puts the block of ice in the refrigerator, Geri realizes that she made an appointment with an antiques dealer by the name of Mr. Beardsley. Once they get to Beardsley's place though, he appears not to be home, so they go around back to make absolutely certain that he is not there…

When they get behind the house, they discover that there is a skeleton half buried in the ground! So the two head off and grab the Sheriff, who when after the Sheriff, Mick and Geri get back to where the skeleton had been, they discover that the skeleton had been removed!

Well after the Sheriff leaves, Geri and Mick decide to head back to Geri's house. Now when they get their, they check the inside of the back of Roger's truck and discover that the skeleton was in there!

With that said, and with the Sheriff not believing them (and prejudiced because of the anger he seems to have against Mick.) Geri and Mick decide to investigate this strange death, that will ultimately lead to a fight for their lives against creatures that no one in their right mind ever would think of as dangerous!

Mick and Geri as they are hot on the trail of what is happening...

With that said, what I liked about this movie, and what I also thought that made this an interesting movie is a couple of things:

1. Like I said above, most of the monster movies that I have seen are mostly stuff like, Zombies and Vampires, but I have been getting more in to other types of monsters movies, such as how Ants were the main bad guys in the movies Them!, I also found that having Worms in this movie as the main bad guys was fascinating!

2. The next thing that I found to be rather interesting is the fact that at one point there was some truly excellent A list actors and actresses that either were attached to this movie or were working toward that agenda, such as Kim Basinger (Cool World) who auditioned for 'Geri', Sylvester Stallone (Cobra), who eagerly pursued the role of 'Roger' and Martin Sheen (Judgment In Berlin) who at one point had actually been attached to the movie, to play the role of Mick.

3. I also found this interesting… Apparently this movie is actually based on an experiment that Jeff Lieberman and a friend of his conducted when they were kids…  You see they tried to use electricity (from a train transformer) to produce worms from the ground (which worked).  They also found that the worms were trying to disappear when Mr. Lieberman shined his flashlight on the worms, due to the worms being light sensitive! (This story was later used as the story that Roger told in the movie about how his father first tried to get worms for his farm!)

4. I also thought that I would mention the fact that this movie was an American International Pictures produced film (They have produced such classics as Queen of Blood (1966) with Dennis Hopper (The Glory Stompers))

With that said, if you are looking for a fun monster horror movie to watch, this definitely is a good one!



Nathan Strack


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