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Kill Cruise (1990)

by  |  July 22nd, 2011  |  Drama

Kill Cruise is an interesting movie, because it has some very strong elements of being a Thriller movie… But its not a Thriller! It also has some elements of being a romance movie… Yet it is not a romance movie!

At best I could honestly say that this is a Dramatic Thriller… With strong emphasis on the Drama!

Written and directed by: Peter Keglevic (Kongo) Jürgen Prochnow (Das Boot), Elizabeth Hurley (Serving Sara) and Patsy Kensit (Lethal Weapon 2)

Kill Cruise tells the story of Su (Kensit) and Lou (Hurley) and the Skipper (Prochnow).

You see about six months before the movie is supposed to take place, the Skipper is out with a friend of his, and during a freak storm, that friend is lost at sea…

Now it turns out that this friend was the same friend that had stolen his wife from him, so with having lost both his best friend and his wife, he becomes a broken man, becomes a drunk, and spends most of his time at the California (A club on Gibraltar).  That is of course till about 6 months after the accident when he meets Su and Lou.

You see Su and Lou are a couple of cafe singers and (although this is never out right said but is implied, at least in the case of Su, as a prostitute.)

With that said both Su and Lou are tired of the California (Where they work) and are sick of Gibraltar and are looking for the first ship available to take them, which they find in the Yacht, 'The Bella Donna' and the Skipper who owns her… Now it is not 100% clear but it looks like Su and Lou find out about the Skipper the last night that they sing at the club when Su decides to do a strip tease and the skipper collects money from all the learing men in the bar!

Lou (Hurey) doing a strip tease while the Skipper (Prochnow) collects the proceeds!

With that said though, after that and following a night of debauchery, the skipper wakes up on the floor of his boat with both women having taken off! So he ultimatel

y heads over to the California, not remembering that he had offered to take the girls to Barbados on his boat.

So when the girls get there, they are fully packed and ready to go, but with the skipper not remembering that he was going to take them on a trip, has to be persuaded all over again! So after being teased by the owner of the California (Played by Franz Buchrieser), The skipper decides to take the girls to Barbados.

After they set sail everything starts off going well, with all 3 of them enjoying each other, but as they get closer to their destination, things start going more and more sour, with stuff happening like Su developing an obsession with the skipper (he not only pushes her away, but begins to persue Lou!)

With that said, as things begin to get worse and worse, it begins to look more and more dismal, their chances of getting to Barbados, and with it becoming more and more difficult to keep the piece between the three of them, they will have their work cut out for them as they forage ahead in their journey to get to Barbados!

The Skipper and Su as the fighting is heading from just verbal to physical.

With that said, what I like about this movie and what I think makes this a truly awesome B movie is a couple of things:

1. I picked up this movie in a rare movie shop, and so the quality of the picture looks like it was taken straight from the VHS and I hadn't realized until I was doing some research that the owner of the California actually is Franz Buchrieser, who starred in The Noah's Ark Principle (1984)!

2. I also thought that the scenery for this movie was utterly incredible having been filmed on Gibraltar and in Malta.

3. I also thought that I would mention here that this movie is originally a German film (Don't worry it is also in English), but the original title for this movie is Der Skipper.

With that said folks, if you are looking for a fun Suspense filled Drama, then I think that you might really like this one!

With that said, I couldn't find a trailer for the movie, but I thought that you might like to watch this scene from the movie:



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