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Forever Young (1992)

by  |  July 7th, 2011  |  Romance

That I know of, in the 1980s  and 1990s there were a series of movies that could best aptly be described as 'Romantic Dramas'…

Now what these romantic dramas are, are movies that usually involved some sort of tragedy for the male lead in the movie (as was the case with movies like, 'Ghost' and or 'What Dreams May Come') or a tragedy that befalls the female lead, which separates the two lovers, but after crossing insurmountable boundaries, finally make it back together again.

With that said, I personally haven't seen to terribly many of these types of movies in the past, (being a horror movie fan, these types of movies really are not my cup of tea.) Never the less, the few of these types of movies that I have seen I have found that I have kind of liked a lot!

Now you might be wondering how a horror fan like me could enjoy these types of movies. Well simply put there are a couple of reasons that I like these types of films:

1. First off, although to me these movies are not the adrenaline pumping good time that horror movies are… These movies still produce a very satisfying result in that, in horror movies I usually am quite happy to see the heroine of the piece surviving the slaughter.  In these types of romantic dramas, these movies are usually very sad films, that can make some one very melancholy… But ultimately when the female and male lead get together near the end, it is very satisfying, heart warming and leaves one with a good feeling (usually).

2. The other reason that I like these movies, is that despite the fact that these movies can be very sad and depressing.  They can also be very endearing, and send a very positive message, that if you work hard enough, anyone can achieve their dreams or goals in life!

I know that those statement's may seem odd coming from a horror hound like me, but I gotta say that, that is true, and the best example I can give for that is the movie, Forever Young:

Written by: J.J. Abrams (Star Trek) and Directed  by: Steve Miner (Friday The 13th 2), and starring, Mel Gibson (Lethal Weapon), Elijah Wood (The Lord Of The Rings: The Fellowship Of The Ring), Jamie Lee Curtis (Halloween) and Robert Hy Gorman (Leprechaun).

Forever Young tells the story of Captain Daniel McCormack (Gibson).  Now in 1939 Captain McCormack is a happy go lucky guy.  He has a great job as a test pilot for the military.  He has a great girl that he loves very much and is just about to propose to, by the name of Helen (Played by: Isabel Glasser) and his best friend is about to invent a working cryogenic suspension program, his name is Dr. Harry Finley (played by George Wendt.)

Mel Gibson as Captain Daniel McCormack

His life seems perfect, till the fateful day when he failed to propose to Helen…

You see the movie starts off with Daniel being on a harrowing test flight of a new bomber (he almost crashed the plane.) After the flight though he is met by his friend Harry, who proceeds to tell him about the great news about having safely revived a chicken from being frozen during cryogenic suspension!

Now of course that being worthy of celebration, Harry and Daniel celebrate until late in to the evening…Now afterward, Helen shows up to Daniel's place and surprises the sleeping Daniel, who after waking up, is very glad to see the woman that he loves, and they proceed to visit for awhile.

Now here is where things start to pick up…

You see, after a picnic, in which Harry announces that his wife is pregnant, it gets Harry to thinking about marriage… Now some time later Daniel and Helen meet in the Diner in which he is gonna propose.

Of course Daniel is nervous, and is rehearsing his speech to her.  That is till Helen shows up.  At this point Daniel ends up chocking (not literally, he just can't get the words out.) With that said, he instead decides to order more pie, and delay Helen from leaving…

After Daniel finishes his pie, Helen decides that she really has to go, and they say they're good byes. As Helen is about to leave the Diner though, she is pulled in to a phone booth by Daniel.  Now it is neve

r explicitly said, but I suspect that he was trying to get one last moment with her (I suspect because he was sensing some sort of danger.)

Helen (Isabel Glasser) as Daniel is trying to work up the nerve to propose to her.

Either way, after one last kiss and a goodbye, Helen leaves, and during a phone call with Harry, he comes to discover that Helen has been in a near fatal car accident!

Now six months later, Daniel is a wreck. and Helen is being transferred to a new hospital for terminal patients.  This is when Harry comes over to Daniel's place with some good news.

You see the test subject that Harry was going to put in to suspended animation has been terminated from the project for being a drunk.  This prompts Daniel to volunteer (I suspect as a means to get away from his grief over Helen.) And after some prompting by Daniel, Harry decides to let Daniel be the test subject…

So Daniel gets frozen, and more then 50 years later he wakes up in 1992, merely by accident…

You see, Steven (Played by: Michael A. Goorjian) is an Airman in the Air Force and is taking care of his little brother Felix (Gorman). Now during his time with his little brother, he is delivering a package to the local Airbase and has to take along his little brother, and his little brother's friend Nat (Wood).

Now little boys being little boys, get in to mischief playing soldiers in a military store house that is going to be torn down.  And thinking that it was some sort of really small submarine, decide to play with Daniel storage device, and accidentally open it!  Now while investigating to see what is inside of it, the two kids discover Daniel inside the container (still frozen.)

Nat (Wood), Felix (Gorman) as the discover Daniel in the Cryogenic storage device.

Now as a reflex, Daniel grabs Nat's coat, which ends up freaking the 2 kids out!

And now with Daniel awake, and with the eventual help of Nat and Daniel, along with Nat's mom Claire (Played by: Jamie Lee Curtis). Daniel tries to piece together the remains of his shattered life, and maybe even find his one true love!

Daniel, Nat and Felix, as they work together to help Daniel adjust to the 90s.

With that said, what I loved about this movie and what I think makes this movie a truly awesome b movie is a couple of things:

1. One of the things that I loved about this movie is that, besides having generally a good, heart warming feeling after watching this movie.  It was a fond walk down memory lane as I hadn't actually seen this movie since I was about 13. As a matter of fact, the video game that is seen being played by both Nat and Felix in the movie, is one of the many games that me and my friends used to play around that time as well!

2. The next thing that I thought was cool, that I thought that I would mention here is that I came to discover during my research of the movie, is the fact that in the movie, Nat and Claire's phone number is the same phone number used in the original Ghost Busters (1984) as the phone number that is displayed in their commercial.  As well as was also Jim Rockford's phone number in 'The Rockford Files'.  This phone number also was the same number that was given to the police in a scene in the original, When A Stranger Calls (1979).

3. Also according to my research, I have come to discover that the B25J that was flown in this movie, is currently on display at the 'Planes Of Fame' Museum in Chino, California.

With that said folks, if your looking for a fun, heart warming good time, then I highly recommend watching this one, it is good!


Nathan Strack


Nathan Strack is a Writer/Director/Filmmaker & Owner/Founder of: Hell In Space, Strack Web Design Service & Strack Store.

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