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Celtic Pride (1996)

by  |  July 22nd, 2011  |  Comedy

Being a sports fan I have seen quite a few of the sports related films that have come out over the last couple of decades, such films as the Mighty Ducks franchise with Joshua Jackson (Urban Legends) and Emilio Estevez (The Breakfast Club), Any Given Sunday (1999) with Al Pacino (Dog Day Afternoon) and Charlton Heston (The Omega Man) along with so many more…

With that said, unfortunately I have not had many opportunities to see to many movies that most directly display the fun and excitement of Basketball!  (For all you Basketball fans out there, believe me when I say that I am absolutely planning on rectifying the situation!)

With that said, there is one basket ball movie that I do believe is highly underrated, despite having a hilarious cast, a story that is just bizarre enough to be (in my opinion,) to be a rather hilarious premise!

This movie being, Celtic Pride (1996):

Written by: Judd Apatow (North Hollywood), Colin Quinn (Saturday Night Live) and directed by: Tom DeCerchio (Boys Life 2).  Starring: Dan Aykroyd (Ghost Busters), Daniel Stern (Born In East L.A.), Damon Wayans (Major Payne).

Celtic Pride tells the tale of Jimmy Flaherty (Aykroyd) and Mike O'Hara (Stern) and how they take there love of Basketball to far…

Jimmy Flaherty (Aykroyd) and Mike O'Hara (Stern) as they are headed in to the basket ball arena.

What I mean by this is the fact that both are two lower middle class guys who live in Boston and are obsessed with not just basket ball but all form of sports! As a matter of fact, Mike's wife Carol is getting fed up with the fact that some of the best times she can ever have with her husband is when the Celtics are doing well (so much so that she is getting perilously close to divorcing him… And Jimmy doesn't seem to have an eye for anything but sports (Not music, movies, women,  nothing, literally but sports!)

With that said, during the Basketball playoffs, O'Hara and Flaherty have decided that nothing will stop them from going to see their beloved Celtics at one of the last runs that Celtics will have at the local Boston Gardens….

With that said, of course the next day, after Mike and Carol have what is their current final attempt to reconcile, and after Jimmy gets caught watching Hockey on a rich guys big screen, Mike and Jimmy head over together to the Boston Garden the next day for the game!

And of course when they get there, them being obsessed fans grab all of the usual free pieces of sports memorabilia, and once they make it to the doorway to the arena, and with a worshipful nod to the stadium itself they decide to head over to the their seats as the game begins. And what a game it is…


t I mean by this is that, you mostly see the fans (You do get snippets of the actual game.) During the first 2 periods it does appear that the Celtics are going to be winning, but of course that is when Chris McCarthy (Played by: Darrell Hammond) shows up…

You see it turns out that Chris, who had moved to New York had come back to Boston and had decided to go to the Basket Ball game that both Jimmy and Mike are at, there is only one problem with that… You see it turns out that 15 years earlier, it turns out that Boston had lost a Baseball game that Chris had attended, and because of this Mike had permanently branded him bad luck…

Mike and Jimmy watching the game in nervous anticipation!

And that bad luck proved out again with the Celtics game going on in the present time, due to the fact that before Chris arrived, the Celtics were winning, and since then the Celtics are loosing… Now Celtics fans being who they are get rowdy and get Chris to leave…

Sadly though it turns out that the Celtics loose anyway…

This just utterly crushes both Mike and Jimmy, until Jimmy gets a call from a couple of Bartenders on his over sized cell phone…

It turns out that Lewis Scott (Wayans), the arrogant self centered ego maniac of the Utah Jazz (The team that beat the Celtics) was partying at the club that the two bartenders were tending bar at…

Now Mike and Jimmy hatch a plan to hinder Lewis Scott's performance on the court that will ultimately prove to be bigger then either one of them thought it ever would be.)

Jimmy, Lewis, and Mike after Mike and Jimmy kidnap Lewis Scott!

With that said, what I like about this movie, and what I do believe makes this a truly awesome B Movie is a couple of things:

1. The cast that they got for this movie is truly hilarious! Besides those that are mentioned above, they also got such talent as Gail O'Grady (Circle), Christopher McDonald (Boardwalk Empire), Paul Guilfoyle (CSI: Las Vegas).  They also got some sports greats like Deon Sanders and Larry Bird to make cameo's in the movie as well!

2. The next thing that I wanted to mention is the connection to Saturday Night Live that this movie seems to have that I thought was worth mentioning, such people as Dan Aykroyd, Darrell Hammond, and Colin Quinn all come from different generations of that series but it was interesting to see how these 3 guys pulled off a movie, working together (even though Colin Quinn was just a writer on this movie.)

With that said folks, if your looking for a funny sports movie, then I do recommend this one, it is a fun one!

I couldn't find a trailer for the movie, but I thought that you guys might enjoy the first couple minutes of the movie!



Nathan Strack


Nathan Strack is a Writer/Director/Filmmaker & Owner/Founder of: Hell In Space, Strack Web Design Service & Strack Store.

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