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XX/XY (2002)

by  |  June 2nd, 2011  |  Romance

Being a fan of the Grindhouse, Horror, Exploitation Films, I have never had a strong interest/desire that gravitates toward the Art House, Romantic interest scene…

There is nothing wrong with those types of movies, as a matter of fact the few of those types of movies that I have seen, some of them I have really enjoyed.  Well I guess the best analogy between these competing styles of films might be that Grindhouse/Horror/ Exploitation type of movies are more your Beer and Pizza style films, and the Art house scene is a more refined Wine and Chinese food style films (I gotta say that I do enjoy a good Beer and Slice of Pepperoni Pizza while watching a good horror movie…)

With that said though, I thought it would be a fun little change of pace from the usually Grindhouse fanfare to do a little something different from the movies that you guys are used to reading about from me...

The award nominated XX/XY is definitely that change of pace…

Written and Directed by: Austin Chick (August) and starring Mark Ruffalo (Date Night), Maya Stange (Garage Days) and Kathleen Robertson (Psycho Beach Party)

Now this is an interesting movie because it starts off in the early 1990s when two College Co-Ed's by the name of Sam (Stange) and Thea (Robertson) and an animator by the name of Coles (Ruffalo) meet at a College party, and with College being a nutritious time for young woman to experiment with their sexuality, Sam and Thea and Coles agree to have a threesome together…

Well this doesn't end up working out so well, because at the last minute Sam freaks out and splits.

Well the next day Sam and Coles are talking on the phone and the two mutually agree that a three way probably ultimately would not be the best thing for them to ultimately have done. Never the less, this leads to Sam, Thea and Coles having a wild and crazy and ultimately destructive relationship that ultimately to some degree revolves around sex, drugs and booze!

Coles (Ruffalo) Thea (Robertson) Sam (Stange)

In that insanity though both Coles and Sam are ultimately, slowly and unbeknownst to each other are falling in love with each other… The first sign of this is when after that night when Sam, Coles and Thea attempted to have that three way, that Coles and Sam ultimately decide to become more or less exclusive, but after a fight between Coles and Sam, Coles splits and immediately goes ahead and sleeps with the first girl he can get his

hands on…

Well one day Sam discovers that Coles had cheated on her with this girl when she just casually broaches the topic of rather or not he had slept with anyone else since they had been dating, and he decides to tell her… Well of course this anger's her, and she decides to sleep with some dude at a party that both she and Coles had gone to later on.

Ultimately though what was the last straw for the dynamic trio is when during one of these group outings, when Coles, Sam and Thea are all drunk, Thea and Coles decide to have sex with each other, and Sam catches them and decides to split…  During this time Coles goes after her and the two end off their relationship with Coles getting arrested for skipping paying for a ticket in the subway and ultimately gets arrested for resisting a subway cops attempts to stop him and get him to pay for the ticket…

Coles being arrested for refusing to pay for a Subway ticket.

Now it is 2002, and everyone is grown up, Coles is an accomplished filmmaker in a strong relationship with a girl by the name of Sid (Played by Petra Wright) and is currently working for an ad firm as an Animator.  Thea is married to a successful entrepreneur/actor by the name of Miles (Played by: David Thornton), it also appears that Thea also runs a restaurant named after herself called Theadora's.  Sam seems to be successful (it is never stated at what) but that she is starting fresh back in the States after living so many years overseas.

With that said, after a chance encounter between Coles and Sam at a Gym leads to the whole gang reuniting (along with their spouses) and ultimately for those old feelings between Coles and Sam to come back in spades… And now it is up to Sam and Coles to sort out these feelings, before these feeling end up destroying the both of them…

Coles and Sam meeting for the first time in 10 years.

While researching this film I came across a couple of interesting facts that I thought that I would share with you guys:

1. This movie had been nominated for the Grand Jury Prize at Sundance in 2002.

2. I also thought that I would mention the truly international status of this film in which this movie which was funded in the U.S. and had American talent in it, actually ended up being produced by the British Production Company Natural Nylon.

Guys and gals, you might check this one out as a good date night film… It is a fun one.



Nathan Strack


Nathan Strack is a Writer/Director/Filmmaker & Owner/Founder of: Hell In Space, Strack Web Design Service & Strack Store.

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