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Queen Of Blood (1966)

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The 1950s and 60s were two very fascinating decades for Science Fiction movies.  I mean the 50s really saw the first serious attempts by Hollywood to legitimize the genre as a contender for the rest of the genre's, with such classics as Them! (1954), with James Whitmore (Who Was that Lady), and Forbidden Planet (1956) with Leslie Nielsen (Prom Night), along with so many others!

The 1960s was also a very fascinating time for Science Fiction, I mean it saw the creation of such fantastic and long lasting series as both The Planet Of The Apes series (1968) and Star Trek (1966) (Both movie series have both become staples in American movie history… So much so, that both have movies that are still being made despite the fact that both series were created over 40 years ago!)

With that said, there is another side of Sci Fi that I do like from back then, is what I can best describe as B Science Fiction movies… Movies like Santa Claus Conquers The Martians (1964) with John Call (Hangman's Knot) along with so many others! And Queen Of Blood is an utterly entertaining example of these classic B Science Fiction Films!

Written and Directed by: Curtis Harrington (Games) and starring John Saxon (From Dusk Till Dawn), Dennis Hopper (Search And Destroy) Basil Rathbone (The Hound Of The Baskervilles), Judi Meredith (Dark Intruder) and Florence Marly (Doctor Death: Seeker Of Souls).

Queen Of Blood takes place in the 1990s… In this version of the 1990s mankind has begun to make great strides in to outer space, with bases on the Moon, and the beginning stages of undertaking missions to Mars in their Rocket Ships (Literally Ships in the style of Rockets!) A space agency by the name of the International Institute Of Space Technology is a Space Agency that is funded internationally by all of the major powers on Earth, in an effort to explore the Galaxy, and to find out if there is life on other planets…

And that life is found one day in a so-called peaceful race that has made contact with the Earth and is sending out a delegation to the Earth to begin making peaceful contact… Or so Humanity thinks… But we will get in to that in a moment.

Florence Marly as 'The Alien Queen.'

You see during the Aliens trip to Earth, the mother ship crash lands on to Mars…

During this time, Earth is being sent regular signals, until one day when the signals stop all together, and Earth decides to send a Rocket Ship by the name of 'Oceano' to investigate the disappearance of the ship and to see if maybe they can recover any survivors. The crew of this ship are Commander Anders Brockman (Played by: Robert Boon) and Astronauts Laura James (Meredith) and Allan Brenner (Hopper).

Now during the Rocket Ship's trip to Mars, it is hit by a Sun burst which ultimately damage a lot of the systems that are on the outside, which albeit doesn't cripple the

ship, it does damage it, and since they used up a lot of their fuel supply…

With that said, Allan, who is dating Laura, decides to take a buddy along with him and go out to Mars to render assistance to the crew of the Oceano in looking for the crew of the crashed Alien ship. And after he gets approval from the head of the agency 'Dr. Farraday' (Rathbone). Allan and his buddy take off with the intention of landing on the moon Phobos.

When they get to Phobos they discover that the Alien queen actually crash landed on Phobos, and that due to the fact that it would not be possible for Allan and his buddy's ship to get back to the Moon.  Allan and his friend decide that Allan and the Alien queen were going to be traveling on the Oceano.

Laura, Allan and Commander Brockman just after Allan and Laura are reunited.

Once Allan makes it to Mars in an escape craft, and once everyone on board takes off for the Moon, we discover that the Alien queen may not eat food… But she does eat something else… Blood!

And now it is up to the crew to protect themselves from the Queen and get her to the scientists that wish to study her, before she ends up eating the entire crew and creating the first intergalactic Ghost ship!

The Alien as she is preparing to feed.

Now what I like about this movie is a couple of things:

1. I am fairly certain that the basic look of one of the Aliens in Mars Attacks was patterned off of Judi Meredith.

2. I also found it fascinating that 2 actors like John Saxon and Dennis Hopper were in this type of movie, I mean this movie is awesome, don't get me wrong.  But since I have seen them primarily in larger productions, I got a hoot out of seeing them in this type of movie!

3. The next thing that I gotta say that you guys might find to be rather funny, is that this movie which was ultra low budget, actually seemed to 'borrow' their big special effects from a couple of big budget Russian films of the day!

4. I also wanted to make mention that this movie was produced by both Roger Coreman and Samuel Z. Arkoff.  Now Samuel Z. Arkoff in his life time produced nearly 150 truly classic B films, a couple of good one's being Ray Miland's Panic In Year Zero! (1962) and Vincent Price's The Tomb Of Ligeia (1964). And Roger Corman, I mean we all know who this man is, with nearly four hundred credits to his name with such films as Forbidden World (1982), this guy may have one of the best resumes of movie credits to his name that I have ever seen! And with this movie having been made through the production company, AIP or (American International Pictures).  This movie has some series juice behind it!

With that said folks, if your looking for a fun, edge of your seat space movie. Then I highly recommend this one. It is a fun piece!


Nathan Strack


Nathan Strack is a Writer/Director/Filmmaker & Owner/Founder of: Hell In Space, Strack Web Design Service & Strack Store.


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