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Bullshot (1983)

by  |  June 6th, 2011  |  Comedy

Secret Agent movies are great, rather they be James Bond lighting up the big screen in one of his latest epic around the world missions, or rather it be something as simple as watching one of the latest xXx movies. These movies are usually extremely exciting edge of your seat films that often times have a nice blending of special effects, story, and acting talent (just about everything that makes for a great film!)

With that said, another area of interest in the Secret Agent sub-genre of films is Spoofing Secret Agent movies! I personally have seen more then a few of these, such films as Johnny English (2003) with Rowan Atkinson (Mr. Bean), The Man Who Knows To Little (1997) with Bill Murray (Stripes) etc… I have found almost one for one that these movies are quite hilarious, and Bullshot is no different!

Written by: Ronald E. House (Escape From New York), Diz White (Footlight Frenzy), Alan Shearman (Mortal Passions) and Directed by: Dick Clement (Water) and starring Alan Shearman, Diz White, Ronald E. House.

in the 1930s there is a British Private Detective, Hugh 'Bullshot' Crummond. He's suave, he's debonair, all the women want him, all the men want to be him, and he is great at diffusing a Cake!

Captain Hugh 'Bullshot' Crummond during World War 2.

With that said the movie shows how during World War 1 Captain Crummond, while leading his troops during World War 1, helps out his men with sage wisdom and advice… That sage wisdom and advice gets one member of his unit killed right after Bullshot gives him the advice!

Later on during the War we come to learn that Bullshot has decided to become of the earliest members of the RAF (Royal Air Force).  That is where Bullshot and Count Otto van Bruno.  They meet in the skies during an aerial battle in which Count von Bruno's machine gun becomes crippled… Since Bullshot cannot fight some one in an unfair fight, Bullshot salutes the Count and takes off… And that as they say, is that…

Bullshot has Count Von Bruno in his gun sights.

Now we cut to present day 1930's England:

At the country estate of Professor Rupert Fenton, the scientist is working on a new sort of fuel that will ensure that the world is not exclusively dependent on the middle east for their fuel and gas. This type of fuel is considered to be better then anything that is currently available in the 1930s… Of course everyone

is gonna want it!

One afternoon when the Professor's clutzy daughter 'Rosemary' came in to her father's laboratory, she accidentally knocks over a large portion of the Professor's equipment (which of course inadvertently ends up accidentally completing the formula.) Later on that evening a man from Scotland Yard shows up. This Scotland Yard agent, who is a friend of the Professor's urges him to take the utmost precautions with the fuel saying that it could let loose the dogs of war…

Professor Rupert Fenton and his Scotland Yard friend as they are talking about the discovery.

Little did they know that during this whole time Count Von Bruno and his wife Fraulein Lenya Von Bruno (Played by: Francis Tomelty) are staking the place out, waiting for the right moment to pounce…

Before this happens though, Rosemary comes in to her father's study to say good night, and just in case, the Professor decides to hand over a piece of the formula for safe keeping. Which is good because later on that evening the Professor gets kidnapped by the Von Brunos!

The next morning Rosemary writes a letter to Bullshot, begging him to take the case (which of course he does…)

Now it is up to Bullshot and Rosemary to rescue the Professor and his formula from the Von Brunos before they bring to fruition their nefarious plans… All of this while protecting Rosemary's copy of the formula!

Bullshot and Rosemary dancing.

Now what I did like about this, and what I thought made this a truly awesome B movie is a couple of things:

1. I enjoy spoofs and Bullshot actually is a spoof of the old Bulldog Drummond detective series.

2. This is also the first truly British comedy that I have ever seen, and I gotta say that I am impressed by it! (The only American actor in the whole piece is Ronald E. House.)

3. Speaking of Ronald E. House… I do think that all of the talent in this movie did a great job, but Ronald E. House I thought that I should mention here, because his performance as the over the top German 'Count' was just truly brilliant, and the accent was hilarious!

4. The last thing that I wanted to say about this movie that I really liked is the fact that this movie, although it is true that it is spoofing the old Bulldog Drummond novels, I also found out that the actual movie itself is actually the big screen adaption of a theatrical play called 'Bullshot Crummond.' Now that I have seen this movie, I would really like to see this play!

With that said, if your looking for the dry wit, and hilarious hijinks that a British spoof provides,  then I highly recommend this one! I thought it was great and I think that you might to…



Nathan Strack


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