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Bad Boys (1983)

by  |  June 13th, 2011  |  Drama

Sean Penn, Ally Sheedy, Alan Ruck, these people have played good guy (and girl) roles that you either laugh with, feel good about, etc… I mean most of us who were born at some point in the 80s remember Sean Penn as the hilarious pot head 'Jeff Spicoli' who was just trying to enjoy his life, one 'joint' at a time  in Fast Times At Ridgemont High (1982)…

And Ally Sheedy… What can't I say about her? A Brat packer… Matthew Broderick's love interest in War Games (1983).  I mean this girl did a great job in my opinion of playing the girl next door type in high school back in the 1980s!

And speaking of Matthew Broderick, another alumni of Matthew Broderick's movie career is Alan Ruck… I mean who doesn't remember Alan (Cameron Frye) Ruck… Or the rich teen with to many problems Ferris Bueller's Day Off (1986)… I mean he brought an element to that movie, that made you wanna laugh with him, feel sorry for him (and as bad as this may sound) laugh at him… All around, a truly hilarious role for a great actor…

That is why I have to admit that it was fun to see all of these people in the gritty Crime/Prison drama, Bad Boys (1983)…

Written by: Richard Di Lello (Dellaventura), Directed by: Rick Rosenthal (Halloween II) and starring Sean Penn (Colors), Esai Morales (La Bomba), Ally Sheedy (The Breakfast Club), Clancy Brown (Green Lantern) and Reni Santoni (Cobra).

From a BANG in to a whimper or a whimper in to a BANG (depending on your perceptions of it.) Either way, that is the name of the game in this movie…

You see Bad Boys tells the turbulent tale of Michael 'Mick' O'Brien (Penn) Mick starts off as this extremely tough kid from the mean streets of Chicago… He is willing to snatch an old ladies purse or beat some one over the head to steal their wallet… All in all a real bad dude, and some one that you don't really wanna mess with… As a matter of fact, the only person that seems to ground him to some degree is his girl friend J.C. (Sheedy).

Mick O'Brien (Penn) and J.C. (Sheedy)

With that said though, their is another up and coming criminal that is looking to make a name for himself (and some one that Mick hates,) by the name of Paco Moreno (Morales)… Now Paco is a bit more dangerous then Mick is, in that Paco is very rooted to family life, and the importance of standing by and doing right by your family… Yet he still is willing to risk everything on the mean streets of Chicago by becoming a drug lord!

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Paco (Morales) with his little brother.

And that is where the fun begins…

You see in the beginning of the movie, Paco and his crew are setting up a major deal with another street gang.  But during this time Mick (who at this point is a petty criminal) is beating down affluent men, and stealing old ladies purses in an effort to prepare to rob Paco and his crew of their drugs, before the deal between Paco and his crew are able to make the deal between them and the other street gang.

Now the day that this happens, Mick is in his girlfriend's room and after they have made love, J.C. tries to convince Mick not to go through with it.  This of course doesn't work, and after convincing J.C. that everything would be fine, he splits from J.C.'s and heads over to meet up with his buddy Carl (Ruck).

From there and with plan in hand, both Paco and his crew, Mick and his crew, and the rival gang all head over to what would prove to be a disastrous meeting that would ultimately lead to Carl, one of Paco's crew, and sadly Paco's little brother dead, a captured Mick, and a shared destiny between Mick and Paco, that will prove the difference between true good and evil, and the power to change!

Mick and Paco as they prepare to do battle with each other.

What I liked about this movie and what I am truly convinced made this an amazing classic is a couple of things:

1.  Believe it or not, I really liked the character of Mick O'Brien in this movie, I mean he starts off as a total looser and some one that is leaching off good law abidding people, and in prison actually turns out to become a rather descent person!

2. Of course getting to see people like Ally Sheedy, Alan Ruck and Sean Penn, with whom I would say it is not a huge stretch to mostly associate with more positive roles, playing crooks, criminals and well the girl friend of a bad boy, was a lot of fun.

3. I also thought that it was cool that director Rick Rosenthal had mentioned Halloween 2 in this movie, in that the Marquee in the drug deal gone wrong scene says that, that Theater is playing Halloween 2… Also I never did see her personally, but legend has it, that Jamie Lee Curtis (True Lies) who also was in Halloween 2, is rumored to have made a very brief cameo as a passerby in this movie.

4. Another thing that I wanted to say that I thought was quite funny is the fact that this movie has probably one of the most hilarious movie goofs that I have ever seen in that at one point during a fight scene with Paco and Mick, that one can very clearly see another Camera man filming the fight scene!

5. The last thing that I thought that I would mention that I also thought was cool, is the fact that the entire cast did their own stunts!

With that said folks, this is not your standard warm hearted drama, but if your looking for something gritty and fun, then I highly recommend this one… You might like it!



Nathan Strack


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