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The Weinstein Company Getting In To Video Games

by  |  March 25th, 2011  |  News

The Weinstein Company getting in to Video Games with the announced launch of their company 'TWC Games.'

According to The Hollywood Reporter:

The Weinstein Company’s who has distributed such classic films as the upcoming third sequel to the Scream franchise and Rob Zombie’s Halloween 2 (2009), is planning on branching out in to the Video Game industry.

It was announced today about the The Weinstein Company launching of TWC Games, which intends to publish mobile, social, and console based video games.

This is what Bob Weinstein who is the co-chairman had to say in a statement. “The video game marketplace is changing at such a rapid rate. With all of the digital platforms, there are so many opportunities to broaden our audience with compelling, high quality, cost-efficient, video game entertainment.”

TWC which has formed a consultancy with Beefy Media (a Video Game production company) are setting up to create high quality Video Games. The President of Beefy Media ‘Adam Boyes’ and TWC’s Vice President of Production and Creative Affairs ‘Matthew Signer’, will be working closely together to oversee all aspects of the creation for these games.

“The Weinstein Company is an incredible entertainment company, and I share their vision for creating very high quality content for the marketplace,” said Mr. Boyes. “We plan to combine our extensive video game developer relationships with the impressive catalogue of properties to create and produce content made by gamers for gamers.”


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