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The President’s Man (2000)

by  |  March 4th, 2011  |  Action/Adventure

Chuck Norris is great, I have been following his career periodically since the early 1990’s when he did Sidekicks (1992) with the late Jonathan Brandis.  Everything that I have seen of his I have loved, I mean at least in the things that I have seen of his, he always seems to play the quiet unassuming type… This includes a recent little gem that I saw of his.  The President’s Man.

Have you ever seen a movie that is just in-inexplicably brilliant? Yet on the outside appears to be nothing more then your basic run of the mill low budget straight to video fanfare? Well that’s The President’s Man for ya.  If you can see past the lack of glitz and glamour and in to the quiet unassuming style of brilliance that director Eric Norris (Yes the youngest son of Chuck Norris) has been able to bring to the table!

What am I talking about?  In The President’s Man there is utterly brilliant scenery from the South American Jungles, to the little bit that you get to see of Joshua McCord’s house! And the special effects are certainly above par, but never the less Mr. Norris uses mostly relative uknowns for talent, and they do a great job in it!

Written By: Bob Gookin (Walker: Texas Ranger) and Directed By: Eric Norris (Cloverfield) and Michael Preece (Thunder In Paradise) and starring Chuck Norris (The Delta Force) and Dylan Neal (Dawson’s Creek) with Jennifer Tung (Star Trek: Insurrection)

What is the President’s Man?  The President’s Man is a super secret position that was created over a hundred years ago during the Lincoln White House as a person that answers indirectly but only to the President the United States. One of the things that the President’s Man has to do at the end of his career is to find some one to replace himself as the President’s Man.

Chuck Norris as Joshua McCord (The current President's Man)

With that said, currently the President’s Man is an aging soldier by the name of Joshua McCord (Norris).  Joshua is a Vietnam veteran who has a daughter by the name of Que (Tung).  He was chosen by the Former President’s Man by the name of George Williams when he retired.

During a mission to rescue the First Lady, McCord gets a knife across the chest which prompt’s him to decide that it must be time for him to retire.

That is where Deke Slater (Neal) comes in.  Deke is a former Special Forces Officer who due to doing the right thing in the wrong way, ends up sitting it out in a Prison Cell.  To make matter’s worse, after he comes to the defense of a man that was going to get a shive in the back.  Those same men attack Slater in the gym, at which Slater kills the lead guy and ends up with another 30 years added to his life sentence!

Dylan Neal as Deke Slater in The President's Man.

Now as luck would have it Slater happens to be McCord’s choice to take over as The President’s Man when McCord retires.  So off begins the training.

At first Slater in his usually cocky and brash attitude thinks that he can achieve anything that McCord sets out for him… That is until he sees the Obstacle Course.  This obstacle course has just about every type of heavy duty piece equipment, including a rock climbing wall, gymnastics and other forms of weight lifting and when you get to the end your are supposed to take down a paper target perfectly!

Well the first time at the gunnery range, Slater fire’s perfectly, but that is until he goes through the obstacle course.  When Slater finishes off the obstacle course, he is so tired that he ends up hitting the target on the sides!

Now Slater takes his training seriously. When Slater is done with his training, that is when they get their first mission, which is to rescue a Senator’s daughter from the clutches of a crazy cult leader.

This one McCord decides to give Slater a little bit of latitude and waits for him to screw up… Which he does in only a perfect rookie mistake.

You see when Slater finally makes it to the Senator’s daughter, she won’t leave with out her friend, which her friend is refusing entirely to leave. Slater punches the girl in the face and then picks her up and decides to take her and the Senator’s Daughter out of there.  The trio don’t end up actually getting very far before getting caught (Joshua to the rescue.)

Chuck Norris kicking ass!

After the mission Joshua is not happy with Slater’s performance, to which he let’s both Slater and Que know about it.  After a conversation with his mentor and the former President’s Man (Played by: Stuart Whitman).  McCord decides to let Slater stay on.

During this time, a Drug Kingpin who’s hideout had been destroyed by Slater’s special forces team, has rebuilt his hideout in a new location, and is working with General Vinh Tran (Played by: Soon-Tek Oh).  General Tran is the man who killed McCord’s wife and Que’s mother many years earlier.  But now he is working with this South American Drug Kingpin to construct a nuclear weapon.

In comes the President’s Man and his apprentice!  With time not on their side, they’ve got to stop General Tran from having a nuclear weapon built.  While rescuing the man and his family who are being forced in to help the General, and while doing all this McCord goes after Tran for revenge for killing his wife!

There is one other thing that I thought I would mention that is also why I think that this is a fun one.  The story is really brilliant because of the premise of an aging hero trying to pass the torch, is always a fun one.

With that said, if you get a chance to check this out, then I highly recommend doing so, I really do thing that you might like it!

Enjoy some brilliant fight scenes from the movie!

Nathan Strack


Nathan Strack is a Writer/Director/Filmmaker & Owner/Founder of: Hell In Space, Strack Web Design Service & Strack Store.

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