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Halloween 2 (2009)

by  |  March 1st, 2011  |  Horror

That’s right folks I have finally gotten to get started on what is my favorite series of all time ‘Halloween’!

With that said,  like most everyone I had a little trouble with the theatrical release of the sequel, I even *gulp* missed the first few minutes of the movie when it was in the Theater… There was a lot of un answered questions for me from the movie. I know what you might be thinking… Why is this guy recommending that I watch a movie that he didn’t have much success with when he watched it in the Theater?

Well simply put, a while after I saw it in the movie theater, I happened to be over at a Block Buster, window shopping when I came across the Halloween 2: Directors Cut.  Now originally I had just decided to get the movie because I am big fan of both the original series and the first remake. But knowing what I know about the theatrical release, I figured it probably would be just one to complete the collection, boy was I wrong…

This movie in just about all of the facets was so good that I actually ended up watching the Director’s cut a few times after that just so that I could get that one to settle in for me (and it still hadn’t) as a matter of fact I almost didn’t wanna part with it when I lent it to my buddy Matt, but I figured my plans to watch 1 and 2 could be put on hold as I wanted to make sure that he saw what could be definitively the best cut of Halloween 2 in my opinion!

At this point though you might be asking yourself, what makes this movie so good?  Why is he saying that it is dramatically better then the theatrical version?  Well there is a couple of reasons for that actually:

1. I think, and I maybe wrong about this, but one of the problems I had with the Theatrical version of Halloween 2 is that it seemed like the post production work had been rushed as there seemed to me to be a lot of important scenes such as the reason behind Sheri Moon reprising her role as Deborah Myers mostly as a white ghost with a white horse in a delusion that Michael had through most of the movie, and that Laurie seemed to begin to have during her decent in to madness. That is explained better in the film, and there are other similar scenes that in my opinion are also better explained.

2. The other thing that I didn’t really fully get until after I saw the Director’s Cut was the moment when the movie kind of switches to when looks like home movies of Danielle Harris from what she was a kid.  Now I can’t tell you exactly how to interpret that moment, you’ll have to do that for yourself.  But I think that even though it was Annie Brackett that was killed in this movie (for which Danielle Harris played that part.) But I also think that in some way Rob Zombie was doing a send off to Annie Brackett as well as to Jamie Lloyd with whom Danielle Harris played that part in the original series, Halloween 4 and 5 as a kid.

3. I also thought that characters in general were better developed in this one, and what I mean by this is that for example, to me Laurie Strode’s fall from grace, and the actual struggle that she was going through to re-gain her sense of her life again, after the events of the first remake movie, was endearing to the point where you really want to her get through it with out to much harm!

Laurie Strode (Taylor-Compton) after the attack from the first movie.

Written and Directed By: Rob Zombie (House of 1,000 Corpse) and starring Scout Taylor-Compton (The Gatekeeper), Tyler Mane (Gunless) Malcolm McDowell (Class of 1999) with Danielle Harris (The Last Boy Scout) and Brad Dourif (The Child’s Play series)

Halloween 2 tells the story of the after math of the night Michael Myers (Mane) escaped from the mental hospital he had been caged in since he was a kid, to find his only remaining relative; his baby sister Angel (Taylor-Compton) who had been adopted by the Strode family and re-named Laurie.  At this time I won’t go in to all of the reason’s why that reunion was more then just bitter sweet…

Needless to say Laurie wakes up in a Hospital with some creepy quiet music playing in the background with an unknown family member in the background. She decides to leave her room and check on Annie (Harris) who had been messed up royally during the first remake movie.  Now a nurse finds her and sends her back to her room.

Laurie escaping from Michael.

After a while, she starts trying to get the attention of a Nurse and when she can’t quite do so, she begins searching the halls for a Nurse to help her out.  When she finally does so, she discovers that the Nurse is on her last leg having been stabbed in the neck by Michael Myers!

This sends her in to a panic, and she goes running down the halls (well limping down the hall because her leg is in a cast.) When she gets to the stairs she begins to discover more and more of Michael’s victims.  When she finally gets outside in to the pouring rain, she makes it to the gate which is closed and locked and then over to the guard shack which is also closed and locked.  Laurie starts feeling around for a window that can be opened that she can crawl through to hide in the guard shake, and when she finds  it she immediately goes inside and hides under the desk.

This is where the fun begins to really happen.  The Hospital Security Guard (Played by: Richard Riehle), arrives and both Laurie and  the security guard startle each other.  Immediately taking charge of the scene, he gets Laurie a blanket and gives her his coffee to warm her up.  Laurie begins to calm down with all of this.  He decides to grab his car so that he can get her out of the hospital.  Of course this makes Laurie panic, but he calms her down enough and goes out of the shack, locking the door behind him and disappears.

Buddy the Security Guard to the rescue!

After the Security guard has been gone for a few minutes, Laurie begins to panic when he doesn’t answer when she is calling for his name. When he arrives, so does Michael Myers who in true slasher movie style takes him out in a truly brutal fashion!

Now Laurie is freaked out and hiding as Michael with an axe in hand literally begins to turn the guard shack in to kindling!

This is where Laurie wakes up screaming! (Dream maybe?  Real life?) This is where we begin to see the new and destructive Laurie Strode.

For me to explain this let me give you a little back story of Laurie before she attacked by Michael in the first movie.  Laurie had been a very head strong girl, the straight A type in school who could have easily grown to a leadership position in the government.  After the attack and the deaths of her parents, she goes to live with Brackett’s.

Annie Brackett who is her best friend from the first movie who was like a sister is still like a sister to Laurie, but now just about represents the horrors of that night! Sheriff Brackett who is Annie’s dad found Laurie as a baby after Laurie’s birth mom commits suicide.  Laurie is now living with these people.  She is the complete opposite of who she was, Laurie is now what you might call an out cast.  Her new friends are almost the complete opposite of her old friends as they are more grundge and her old friends at least Linda (Played by: Kristina Kleebe) before she died in the first remake movie, who was more conservative.  Laurie is on a massive amounts of Psych meds, and is more wild and seemingly care free, but internally she seems to be trying to move past the events of the first movie and having a difficult time of it….

Laurie with her old friends (Halloween: Remake)

Laurie with her new living friends. (Halloween 2)

Now for those of you who haven’t seen it yet, I won’t spoil the rest of the movie, so I won’t say anything else about the story line except that for you newbies to this movie.  I think you might be quite pleased with it!

Now for all us fans of the series, one thing I thought that I would mention here, is the fact that the long delayed 3rd in the remake series looks like it is now officially announced been announced!

I also wanted to mention the fact that I did make some disparaging remarks about the theatrical version of this movie.  But I will say that the theatrical release was ultimately in my opinion a good film, just in-complete.  The Director’s cut just about perfectly makes up for the theatrical releases short falls.

If your a fan of the series, or of Rob Zombie or are catching this for the first time.  I highly recommend giving the Director’s Cut of this movie a viewing.  You might be pleasantly surprised with just how spectacular it is!

Nathan Strack


Nathan Strack is a Writer/Director/Filmmaker & Owner/Founder of: Hell In Space, Strack Web Design Service & Strack Store.

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