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Street Fighter 2: The Animated Movie. (1994)

by  |  February 25th, 2011  |  Animation

Remember the good ole days of video gamming?  Before there was X-Box 360 or Playstation 3? Don’t get me wrong, those systems are cool, but I am talking 2D graphics, and playing fighting games to your hearts content with out any video’s stopping you?

Speaking of fighting games, do you remember the fun of playing games like Super Street Fighter 2?  Finding all of these new and utterly fascinating characters to play with? If so that’s cool.  One thing that I did not find out about regarding when the Street Fighter 2 franchise was really beginning to take shape, is that with the already immense popularity of the series, they decided to make an animated movie!

I found out about this several years ago, when I had bought some of my friends old DVD’s and one of them happened to be this one, as well as a few other anime movies.  Now at the time I had relegated anime movies to be nothing more then novelty items for me and that although I would enjoy them, I kind of thought that they were more for kids then they were for adults.  Boy was I wrong…

Written by: Kenichi Imai (Street Fighter) and Gisaburo Sugii (The Tale Of Genji) and also Directed by Gisaburo Sugii.

Street Fighter 2: The Animated Movie tells two separate stories that eventually converge in to one complete story give a fascinating look in to both good and evil.

The first of these two stories that I thought that I would tell you about is the story of Lord M. Bison (voiced by: Tom Wyner), an overlord of the biggest crime organizations on earth called Shadow Law.  This organization has it’s hand in everything illegal that it can get it’s hands on.

Pictured Above: Lord M. Bison, Vega and Balrog with a henchman.

With that said, with the help of his henchmen Balrog (voiced by: Joe Romersa), Sagat (voiced by: Peter Spellos) and Vega (voiced by: Richard Cansino) Lord M. Bison is on to his latest interests, which is recruiting Street Fighter’s from all over the world to serve them… rather they like it or not!

One of these people that Lord M. Bison decides to use his aggressive style of recruitment on is Cammy White (voiced by: Debra Rogers).  Cammy is an MI 6 operative, who Shadow Law kidnaps to turn in to an assassin so that she can assassinate a local government offical.

When she is thwarted, Lord M. Bison decides to set his sights on some one even higher.  Some one who may actually be the best fighter on the planet.  Who is this person? Ryu of course!

Ryu Voiced by: Skip Stellrecht.

Voiced by Skip Stellrecht, Ryu is a Karate expert who trained with his friend Ken Masters at one of those ancient dojo’s deep in the heart of Japan. In the same vein as Kungfu: the legendary journey, Ryu is also a drifter who drifts from country to country, fighting when he needs money, but other then that following codes and principles that had probably been handed down to him from his Sensei at the dojo that he trained at.

Ken Masters helping bandage up Ryu after a training accident.

Anyway back to the story… Shadow Law sends out tons of these drones that basically can at a glance pass for human, all across the planet trying to find Ryu.  After it is discovered that there is another person with a similar fighting skill to Ryu.

Lord M. Bison decides to switch tack and go after Ken Masters the friend and fellow student of the same dojo that Ryu had trained at!

When Lord M. Bison captures Ken, he successfully brain washes the guy to follow Lord M. Bison’s will.  With his first successful continued capture, will Lord M. Bison succeed or will the governments that are actively trying to stop him succeed?

Which brings us to the other side of the story.  with Interpol Agent Chun-Li (Voiced by: Lia Sargent) Chun-Li has been assigned the case to find and aid in the destruction of Shadow Law and the capture of it’s agents.  This one is personal for her though… You see Chun-Li’s father had been given an accident by the crooks at Shadow Law.

Chun-Li Voice By: Lia Sargent.

So with the help of Air Force Captain Guile (voiced by: Kirk Thornton) an air force officer who also has a grudge against Shadow Law and especially Lord M. Bison for the death of his friend. Chun-Li and Captain Guile will stop at nothing to take down Shadow Law  and to destroy Lord M. Bison!

Will they succeed? or will Shadow Law succeed in it’s latest campaign to aggressively recruit an army of Street Fighter’s from across the planet? That I leave to you dear reader to find out for yourself, trust me though when I say that the journey is well worth your time.

With that said, what I personally think makes this movie such an awesome b movie is as follows:

1. One of the problems that I have had with animated movies that are supposed to have some violence in them, is that it is usually dialed down to an almost pointless amount that some times it makes those moments not fun! Not this movie!  This movie is gritty and visceral and in your face the whole time.  It is great for adults and not so over the top for children either! (Although if your gonna let your kids watch it, you should probably know that it does have some adult themes in it, that probably are not suitable for children.)

2. The other thing that they did that I also liked is that they gave a back story to every character in the series of that time, which is something that I had always wanted to see in the Video Games but never got to do so, at least not satisfactorily anyway!

3. Lastly having watched this again recently was a fun trip down memory lane!

Anyway if you were a fan of the Video Game franchise of that time then I highly recommend that you take a look at this one, I think you might like it.  If you weren’t or had never had a chance to play those video games, then I highly recommend introducing yourself to this movie, I am pretty certain that all around, you are going to like it!

Nathan Strack


Nathan Strack is a Writer/Director/Filmmaker & Owner/Founder of: Hell In Space, Strack Web Design Service & Strack Store.

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