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Zardoz (1974)

by  |  December 9th, 2010  |  Sci Fi

John Boorman is probably best known for directing Deliverance (1972). No one in their right mind (or wrong mind), will ever be able to get that scene of Ned Beatty “squealing like a pig” out of their heads. But, the film that followed Deliverance was Boorman’s finest if you ask me.

Zardoz takes place in the future-2293, where the penis is evil but the gun is good. Sean Connery is a “Brutal” whose job it is to kill under the will of their leader Zardoz. Zed played by Sean Connery escapes the “Brutals” to find there is another half, the “Eternals” ¬†who he finds have psychic powers. The “Eternals” are afraid of Zed because they know how the savage “Brutals” live. And without giving away too much. Zed learns how the other half lives and what is truly behind the curtain.

The ominous head of Zardoz hovers over the land of the Brutals

In today’s esthetics of film making with CGI, the search for the very real, and the like, the average movie viewer seems to feel like a fish out of water when seeing Zardoz. Zardoz is packed with 70’s Sci-fi props, sets, and style. But, the one thing Zardoz has that most films of today don’t is a philosophy. Which makes it, science fiction the way it was supposed to be.

For lovers of Sci-fi, 70’s films, imagery, and irony. Zardoz is great fun to be had for all.


Jesse Lee Jacobs is an artist and musician living in Hollywood. Jesse creates in many mediums including video, fashion and song. He's currently recording a new album and continues to draw the eye of celebrities with his original jewelry creations at Jesse-International.com.

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