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TRON: Legacy 3D (2010)

by  |  December 15th, 2010  |  Sci Fi  |  1 Comment

Got your attention? Good. Let us examine the word “awesome” shall we? It simply means… to be “awed” by something. Can you see where I’m going with this?

I myself haven’t been into the whole 3-D thing that’s all the rage these days. That said, if Disney hasn’t perfected 3-D technology with TRON: Legacy, they must be damn close to achieving 3-D perfection. The visual style and story telling reminds me of Michael Mann and Ridley Scott. At certain points, I honestly felt like I was floating, or about to fall off a bridge. Tron Legacy is a true achievement in creating a true cinematic experience.

But is the story good? Yes. When my mom took me to see TRON (1982), I was 8 years old. I’ve waited 28 long years for this sequel and it was worth the wait! Seeing Jeff Bridges and Bruce Boxleitner reprise their characters 28 years later, actually gave me an emotional reaction during the first 10 minutes. I was emotional, because here we are 28 years later doing this together again, actors AND audience. This film is an event. The kind that rarely happens. Who get’s to reprise a character 28 years later? Relax, if you didn’t see the first TRON or if it’s been a while, you’re covered. They very smoothly give you the back story and fill you in on the past 28 years as they bring you into the film.

Bruce Boxleitner & Jeff Bridges reunite 28 years later for Tron Legacy

I don’t care if it’s young Jeff Bridges or “more distinguished” Jeff Bridges or young CGI Jeff Bridges… they all 3 kick ass! The action in TRON: Legacy is compelling and mesmerizing! There’s plenty of it too. But the movie comes fully loaded with some really nice upgrades as well. The visual effects are stunning and quite frankly, probably make the team from The Green Lantern a bit envious. Daft Punk has created an inspired music score that is very much alive and a part of the film. In fact the sound design was quite amazing. My feet shook with every rumble.

If Disney hasn’t perfected 3-D technology with Tron Legacy, they must be damn close to achieving 3-D perfection.

At the core of TRON: Legacy is a love story. A love story between Kevin (Bridges) and his son Sam (Garrett Hedlund) and the legacy between the two. A sincere and honest exploration of these issues. A question we’ve all asked ourselves at some point, or at least should have. The question of legacy is a driving force in my own life, and believe it or not, responsible in large part for AwesomeBMovies.com. Parents want their children to know who they are, and children want to know who their parents are. But, Kevin’s other creation, Clu is fixated on creating a perfect utopian society and means to dispose of all imperfections accordingly… this is where I avoid spoilers!

Garrett Hedlund and Olivia Wilde prepare to take on Clu in Tron Legacy

First time director Joseph Kosinski attended the event (see my blog) with his co-producer. The two explained that this film was an inspiration when they also saw it at 8 years old. Their journey took them 3.5 years to get this film made and onto the screen! Kosinski can very easily stand alongside Ridley Scott (Blade Runner) and Michael Mann (Miami Vice). Regrettably, I didn’t get a chance to talk with him, and ask who his influences are. He should be proud of his film and his own legacy. I also just read that his next project is The Black Hole in 2012 (are they trying to tell us something?). I have no doubt that story teller Joseph Kosinski will have a promising career, and look forward to The Black Hole, another of my childhood Disney favorites.

TRON: Legacy is a stylistic and sexy film that offers a certain stillness and comfort. Definately not a B Movie, but still an extremely awesome experience. I hope we don’t need to wait another 28 years for the next one (hint, to the film makers). I’ll be shocked if TRON: Legacy doesn’t get Academy of Arts & Sciences recognition for their sound design, sets, costumes, music score, cinematography and editing. Although, I’m sure that’s part of their master plan, with the release 2 weeks before the end of the year… now THAT’s strategy!


Matthew Dowling, a native Philadelphian, now residing in Los Angeles, is an actor, writer and film maker. Matt's training with 2nd City, and numerous appearances in TV shows, movies, theater, infomercials, and most importantly... B movies, has prepared him for making B Movie recommendations.


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