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Semi-Official Website Launch

by  |  November 23rd, 2010  |  Blog

Hey everyone… or rather, Hi, mom.

We’ve semi-officially launched AwesomeBMovies.com this week and the world will never be the same. Having the word awesome right in your name carries a certain responsibility to be, well, awesome.

So expect a lot of that.

But all seriousness aside, we here at ABM are fans of movies. A few of us make movies for a living and others are simply professional appreciators – to borrow a phrase from the movie High Fidelity. One things for sure, we want to share some great B Movie picks with you and hope you’ll share with us your favorites. Low budget  production values and the occasional cheesey acting performance aside, we honestly do love the movies we highlight here and hope you will too.

Starting in December we will be kicking off our web series. You will be able to tune in right on this site and catch a sometimes funny, sometimes serious, but always sincere take on these under-appreciated gems we’ve come to love. There’s a bit more to it and we’ll be letting you know more real soon.

So, let me close by thanking you on behalf of everyone at ABM. We are truly excited to find our home on the Web and share with you. Don’t forget to say hello to us on Twitter and Facebook – we’d love to hear from you.


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