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Happy Accidents (2000)

by  |  November 24th, 2010  |  Romance  |  1 Comment

french posterI must admit when my fiance Matt approached me to be a part of this website as a writer I was a little skeptical at first. Sure I had spent endless hours writing poetry, music and short stories but never once would I have conceived such an idea to write about “B” movies. That is not until now! Once my loving fiance took the time to enlighten me on what exactly a “B” movie was I started to see the wheels turn. Life is indeed full of “Happy Accidents”. Which is exactly why I choose this fine piece of film to write about first.

Essentially in this romantic, Sci-fi, comedy (I know what you’re thinking ladies you checked out at Sci-fi but don’t give the snub quite yet hang in there it will be worth it trust me!) Single gal Ruby Weaver played by Oscar winner Marisa Tomei (My Cousin Vinny 1992) plays your typical failed relationship victim looking for  that special one and only man to grow old with and all that girly stuff we all spend our entire youth dreaming about. She ends up crossing paths with Sam Deed played by Vincent D’Onofrio of (Law and Order Criminal Intent) a “special” guy indeed, They blast off into an obscure and tangled relationship filled with constant surprises. I truly believe this may be among some of Tomei’s best work ever. Directed by Brad Anderson (more notably known for directing The Machinist 2004 and the Television series Fringe 2008-2010 )

Happy Accidents is guaranteed to make you laugh, cry, and even think outside the box a little. It is truly a splendid way to spend a Saturday afternoon. So check it out for yourselves and then you can come back here and thank me later for suggesting it. Kidding… Well Kinda.


Candace is a native Californian, born and raised in the San Fernando Valley. Aside from being a doting mother, she's also an award winning writer who's poetry has been featured in major publications. Her work as a painter and photographer has been featured in galleries around the country. It is Candace that brings a unique female voice to ABM and keeps all the guys in line.


  1. MJ Gunderman

    November 24th, 2010at 3:12 PM(#)

    This was an interesting movie. Thanks. The end left me a little dazed but I’ll definitely recommend it to my friends now. I think this would actually make a good double feature with either Tomei’s romantic comedies “Only You” with Robert Downey, Jr. or “Untamed Heart” with Christian Slater, too. Not that they’re necessarily similar in form, other than the romantic aspect, but I enjoyed both of those, too.

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