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Mortal Kombat (1995)

This movie tells the story of how the top fighters on Earth will have to compete in the final inter-dimensional battle competition (The, ‘Mortal Kombat’ competition) against an evil dimension ruled by an Emperor that wants to enslave the Earth…

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The Prince (2014)

You know I have to say that I was real fortunate that I grew up when I did, you see, when I was younger I grew up during one of the last true renaissances in movies… A time when Arnold Schwarzenegger (The Terminator) could still be seen fighting Aliens in, Predator (1987), or Bruce Willis […]

Some Avengers You May Not Recognize!

We all know and love the modern Avengers movies, but this shows where some of the characters got there start in the live action world!

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21 Jump Street (2012)

21 Jump Street tells the story of how 2 inept cops are given one last chance… They have been drafted in a to a program that allows youthful looking cops to go undercover and infiltrate High Schools and stop crimes from happening in our Schools…

For these two, their first mission is to infiltrate one of the local high schools as brothers and stop a super drug that is just starting to become popular from spreading to other schools!

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Stand By Me (1986)

One day Vern (O’Connell) discovers that there is a dead body of a missing teen in the woods and after bringing this to his friends, the four of them end up going on a journey to find this dead body, but in the end, during their adventure to try and find this dead teen, they find out who they really are, who they are working to become, and that some times the ties of friendship can last a life time!

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Holy Missing Sidekick Batman… Where’s Robin?

Since the 1940s, (in both comic book form, as well as in movie form… As well as several iterations, in both animated and non-animated TV shows,) Robin, (The Boy Wonder,) has served as Batman’s faithful, and important sidekick, as well as, as his ward (and some what adopted son…)

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Mimic (1997)

Mimic tells the story of how a when a disease is about to wipe out the next generation in New York City, a cure is found in a breed of insect is created… The only problem is that years later they have become their own kind of Monster!

And in the end, it will be up to those who created the new breed to destroy them, before they become the top of the food chain!

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The Arrival (1996)

The Arrival tells the story of how when a paranoid Astronomer finds a signal that has come from another Planet, ends up discovering a shadow conspiracy that if he can’t stop could end up destroying the human race and giving it tot he Aliens!

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5 Classic Hammer Horror Movies Starring Christopher Lee

5 Classic Hammer Horror Movies Starring Christopher Lee

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The Brass Legend (1956)

The Brass Legend tells the story of a Sheriff, whom after he discovers from his fiancee’s little brother that what could end up being the biggest collar of his life… he ends up catching him…

The only problem is that he ends up taking the credit for it, and with this outlaws team coming to get him out, and the townspeople upset with his taking credit for something that he shouldn’t this Sheriff will have to protect himself and the people he loves from not only the criminals, but the townspeople as well!

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The Black Gestapo (1975)

In 1970s Los Angeles a community group has been established on the mean streets to combat the crime, drugs, prostitution, etc… That has bee infecting the area… This group is called, ‘The People’s Army’ and it is under the leadership of a man who wants to clean up the streets and live in peace with the rest of the world…

Well his right hand man has a different idea for their organization…And if he gets his way, the once mostly peaceful organization will become a guerrilla force the likes of which haven’t been seen since Nazi Germany during World War 2…

And as the General is slowly loosing control of his group, it will be up to him to stop his assistant from creating the first, ‘Black Gestapo’!

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Brandon Lee… A Great Actor Taken To Young!

For most modern movie fans… Those younger fans that have more often then not have been getting in to movies that were created after 2000, then the chance is, is that you probably have not heard of him… Of course for those movie fans out there that are a fan of older films no matter what age know him, and the awesomeness that made up his brief, but awesome body of work!

This blog is for those of you who probably don’t know him!

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Deathstalker (1983)

Deathstalker tells the story of how during the age of sword and sorcery, one man, a common criminal will become the most beloved hero in all the land, when he is tasked with taking out the evil King, ‘Munkar’ and retrieving 2 out of 3 of the elements that will determine the fate of the world… Because if Munkar is able to get his hands on all 3

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Special Big Screen Events… Great Moments You’ll Cherish!

If you are a movie fan or some such, and you have decided to take a serious dive in to reviewing (or in the case of ABM,) recommending and blogging about movies, there are a lot of fun perks that come as benefits to doing a major website or magazine that reviews and documents these types of things!

For example, having been a writer on this site for about 5 years now, I have gotten to meet some celebrities that have worked on some of my favorite films of all time!

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Planet Hulk (2010)

Planet Hulk tells the story of when the incredible, ‘Hulk’, after being transferred off planet by Earth’s Superheroes… The Hulk will crash land on a planet that is under the oppressive rule of a cruel dictator… And as he begins to understand the ways of his new world, he will have to make a decision… Fight for a new home, or stay being the loner he has always wanted to be!

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Robot & Frank (2012)

Robot & Frank tells the story of an over the hill ex-thief who in his old age is about to have one last chance at real life when his son gives him a robot servant!

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Nothing But Trouble (1991)

Nothing But Trouble tells the story of a group of rich Manhattan society types whom during a leisurely road trip end up in a small town where they run a stop sign… And end up at a jail that will drive these rich society types to hilarious lengths to escape!

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Skyfall (2012)

Skyfall is the latest adventure of, ‘James Bond’ as he works to figure out who is targeting not just. ‘MI6’, but who is more directly targeting, ‘M’! And must stop this person before they can destroy both!

Sharknado (2013)

Sharknado tells the story of how a super storm brings with it an army of sharks… And they are hungry! The only group that seems able to stop them are a group of surfers… and if these warriors of the ocean can’t do it… Then no one can!

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5 Awesome Horror Movies For Halloween 2013

5 Kick Ass Horror Movies For Halloween 2013!

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The Flying Guillotine (1975)

The Flying Guillotine tells the story of how after a new portable, ‘Guillotine Weapon’ is created, a particularly cruel Chinese Emperor turns some of his finest Soldiers in to an assassination squad… But when one of the best of their ranks ends up going on the run, the Emperor sends the hit squad to capture him no matter what the cost!

My Amityville Horror (2012)

My Amityville Horror is a new perspective on the infamous, ‘Amityville Haunting’, as seen through the eyes of Lutz child, ‘Daniel Lutz’!

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I Escaped From Devil’s Island (1973)

I Escaped From Devil’s Island tells the story of a brutal and oppressive slave labor camp in which the slave labor force is forced to dig up and package salt…

During this time a man by the name of Lebras and his crew have finally decided that they have had enough of the Island and device a plan to try and escape from the Island once and for all!

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Surf Nazis Must Die (1987)

After the, ‘big one’ hits the West Coast, surfer gangs begin to take over the various beaches up and down the West Coast… One of the gang of surfers that have modeled them off of the, ‘Third Reich’ from World War 2…

Now this gang has become a problem for the other gangs in the area! But if they can’t stop them, then there sure will be some one who will not only stop them, but also prove why, ‘Surf Nazis Must Die’!

Film Noir: An Awesome Look At Times Past!

Film Noir: An Awesome Look At Times Past!

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