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The Importance Of Getting To Watch Older Iconic Horror Movies.

by  |  August 26th, 2017  |  Blog

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre... This is a great classic horror movie!

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre… This is a great classic horror movie!

So for most people, even a ton of the more younger horror fans that I have talked to seem to not really seem to relish the idea of watching some of the older classics… But really the newer stuff!

That is a shame! I mean honestly, there are so many great horror movies that have come out in the last almost hundred years! And honestly, the horror movies of today are starting to get good again… But nothing like it was before!

I mean for example, let’s take the, ‘Halloween’ series… This first movie, I am going to be blunt… I freaking love this movie… It is one of my favorite movies! And it is not one of my favorite movies for the blood and the gore, it is not one of my favorite movies for the gratuitus nudity… There is almost no gore in Halloween (1978), and not very much gratutitus nudity…

A great suspense/horror movie!

A great suspense/horror movie!

What makes Halloween so great, is the suspense… You don’t know where Michael Myers is going to be coming from next… And you pretty much know who his body count is going to be… But you never know who is going to die next!

And you know what, this movie is so good that it actually inspired an entire generation of horror movie filmmakers, in their movies! Such as Sean S. Cunninghsm (The Last House On The Left) when he made Friday The 13th (1980)!

And you know what, even with monster movies… Some of the classics are truly amazing for similar (although distinctly different reasons…) Until the start of the new millennium, suspense has always played a role in horror movies and monster movies are a great example as well… Although they are a little bit more gruesome (but hey, that is why we like them, right?)

You know what? Check out these trailers from movies from the 1950s on up to the 1980s… I think you will see what I mean!

Nathan Strack


I am a huge Horror/B-Movie/Grindhouse movie fan! Rather it be Writing/Acting/Directing or just watching one I love it all!

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