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Andrew Garfield Goes For ’99 Homes’

by  |  November 15th, 2013  |  News

Andrew Garfield… The man who brought, ‘Spider-Man’ back to life will soon be working on, ’99 Homes’

That right folks, actor, Andrew Garfield (The Amazing Spider-Man), who really made it in to the mainstream when he played, ‘Eduardo Saverin’ in, David Fincher’s, 2010 hit film, ‘The Social Network’… (A movie that was based on the creation of, ‘Facebook’).

Well now with that, along with playing, ‘Spider-Man’ in last years reboot, The Amazing Spider-Man (2012), is about to prepare for work on next years, ’99 Homes’.

Written & Directed by: Ramin Bahraini (Man Push Cart) this movie will tell the story of a father who struggles to get the family home back from the real estate broker that is the source of his problems!

Andrew Garfield is joining a cast that includes: Michael Shannon (Man Of Steel), Cullen Moss (Iron Man 3), John Tabler (Solar Crisis) and that is just to name a few…


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