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The Wizard Of Oz Is Coming Soon To A Theater Near You…

by  |  August 10th, 2013  |  News

This great pair, will be back on the big screen in the remastered re-release of the classic original movie, ‘The Wizard Of Oz’ (1939)!

At this point you probably think that they did it again, and took a timeless classic like, The Wizard Of Oz (1939) and went ahead and did what the industry seems to be doing with all of its classics and remade it… Well maybe someday, but not now… No in this case it looks like according to USA Today that Warner Bros and IMAX have teamed up to remaster the classic film, and bring it back to theaters in September!

This timeless American classic, that can be said to not only be 1 of the top 10 most iconic movies of all time, but could also be said to be at this point a famous piece of Americana, (Like Baseball or Apple Pie), starred: Judy Garland (A Star Is Born), Frank Morgan (The Human Comedy), Ray Bolger (Babes In Toyland), Bert Lahr (Flying High), Jack Haley (Higher And Higher), Billie Burk (Topper) & Margaret Hamilton (13 Ghosts), a movie which was based on the novel by famous 19th century writer, L. Frank Baum (John Dough And The Cherub), tells the now famous tale of how after being swept up in a tornado, ‘Dorothy’ (Garland) is forcibly deposited in to the magical world of, ‘Oz’!

Dorothy (Garland) as she is inside her house that is caught in the tornado that will send her to, ‘Oz’

Once she gets there she, along with her dog, ‘Toto’, and with help from, ‘The Cowardly Lion’ (Lahr), ‘The Scarecrow’ (Bolger), and ‘The Tin Man’ (Haley) will set off on a magical adventure to see, ‘The wonderful Wizard of Oz’ so that Dorothy can get back to her family back in Kansas, and her friends can get the help that they need as well… (Despite the Wicked Witches attempts to stop them!)

All of this is being brought back to life for the upcoming 75th anniversary of the classic original movie, which included along with the release back in to the theaters, a 5 disc set will also be released, which will include a Blu-Ray DVD, Blu-Ray 3D, DVD, and Ultraviolet copies of the movie, along with a new documentary!

And speaking of the re-release in to theaters, this movie will not be playing on mainstream theaters, and will only be shown at all of the IMAX theaters nationwide… There will also be some sort of limited international release, but there is no news as yet as to when that will be… So stay tuned on that!

If your like most of us who were born literally decades after the original release of this award winning movie, then here is your chance to see this once in a life time event by yourself or bring your whole family along so that you all can enjoy the fantastic adventure of Dorothy and her friends as they embark on to the Yellow brick road one more time on the big screen to see the, ‘wonderful wizard of Oz’!

With the movie set for re-release in September, we thought that you guys would enjoy this trailer for the classic original movie:


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