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College Grad To Pen, ‘Odyssey’ In Space!

by  |  January 23rd, 2013  |  News

Warner Bros. has contracted to make an outer space version of an Ancient Greek story

Warner Bros. has contracted to make an outer space version of an Ancient Greek story

For those of you who don’t you know, ‘The Odyssey’ was story that was penned by the ancient Greek author, ‘Homer’ as a follow up to what has become one of the most famous works of classic literature in history, ‘The Illiad’

As for the movies, in 2004 for Wolfgang Petersen (Das Boot) would make an adaption of Homer’s, ‘Illiad’ called, Troy (2004)… This adaption was a bit closer to Homer’s original vision as it was set in the Ancient Greek war against the City/State of, ‘Troy’ and followed one of the warriors that fought in that war by the name of, Achillies (played by: Brad Pitt)…. The Odyssey may have originally been intended to be a sequel but the new Warner Bros. adaption of the classic film is going to be out of this world… Literally!

According to Comingsoon:

Warner Bros has contracted out to a fairly recent College Grad/Writing prodigy by the name of James DiLapo (Devil’s At Play), who during the fall had one the, ‘Nicholl Fellowship’ award for the first script that he wrote for the upcoming movie: Devil’s At Play!

DiLapo has been contracted to write an adaption of Homer’s classic that will be set in space… Stay tuned for more on that one… Till then, please enjoy this trailer for Wolfgang Petersen’s, Troy (2004)


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