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Isla Fisher Looking At A Jackie Brown, ‘Switch’

by  |  November 15th, 2012  |  News

Louis Gara and Ordell Robbie seen above being played by Samuel L. Jackson and Robert De Niro in, ‘Jackie Brown’ (1997), will be played by Yasiin Bey and John Hawkes in the upcoming prequel to, ‘Jackie Brown’ called, ‘Switch’

According To Comingsoon:

Isla Fisher (Rango) who is about to be heard on the upcoming movie, Rise Of Guardians (2012), a movie which is set to be released on the 21st of this month, maybe making her way in to the ultimate score…

You see Ms. Fisher is currently eyeing the role of, ‘Melanie’ for the upcoming prequel to Quentin Tarantino’s, Jackie Brown (1997), a movie that was based on the Elmore Leonard books, ‘Rum Punch’ and which appears to actually be the sequel to, ‘Switch’…

Switch (which will be directede by:  Daniel Schechter) will tell the story of two similar crooks by the name of, Ordell Robbie (Played by: Yasiin Bey) and, Louis Gara (Played by: John Hawkes), I mean these guys are so close, that they have actually done time together… And now they are about to commit their next crime using the exact same plan! You see there gonna kidnap a rich developers wife and hold her for ransom… The only thing that they don’t figure on, is the husband who could care less, and the wife who is going to join in on their scam!

Well as it stands, it doesn’t look like Mr. Tarantino is involved in the project, but so far it does look like Jennifer Aniston (Bruce Almighty), John Hawkes (American Gangster), Ty Burrell (Dawn Of The Dead) and Yasiin Bey (16 Blocks) have been attached to the project… Unfortunately it does look like Dennis Quaid had to bow out due to some scheduling conflicts!

With no definitive release date scheduled at this time, we thought that you guys would enjoy this trailer for the 1997 classic sequel, Jackie Brown:


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