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Bruce Willis returns as John McClane in Die Hard 5

by  |  October 5th, 2012  |  News

That’s right! Bruce Willis is back once again as the unluckiest NY cop ever!

57 year old Bruce Willis, who is receiving raves for his performance in the blockbuster Sci-Fi ‘Looper’ alongside Joseph Gordon Levit, is all set to hit the big screen this February in the 5th chapter in the Die Hard series.

And, if they keep making them as good as the first four Die Hard films, we’ll watch them until John McClane turns 80 years old.

The original Die Hard re-invented the action genre back in 1988, telling Hollywood studios that it was okay to invest a lot of money in big action films, it also launched Willis to movie star status over night.

It will have been 6 yrs since the last Die Hard was in theaters, and this time Officer John McClane is taking on some Russian baddies in what appears to be … oh who cares!

It’s Bruce Willis as John McClane blowing up more stuff and wasting bad guys!

But who knows how many more chances we’ll have left to see a Die Hard in the theaters? The world is changing. The technology is changing. Show business is changing. How we make and watch movies is changing. Audience attention spans are changing…

Watch the trailer for Die Hard V: ‘A Good Day to Die Hard’


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