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Vince Vaughn as Jim Rockford in the ‘The Rockford Files’ movie

by  |  April 24th, 2012  |  News

James Garner originated the iconic role of Jim Rockford in the 1970's, and now Vince Vaughn will carry the torch for a whole new generation.

The 1970s – the 1990s saw the rise in some truly awesome detective TV shows! A couple of examples of this of course being, Magnum P.I., Columbo, Murder She Wrote, 21 Jump Street, Tropical Heat, and even Silk Stalkings and another one of course being, The Rockford Files!

Starring: James Garner (Duel At Diablo), Noah Beery Jr. (Red River) and Joe Santos (The Postman).  The Rockford Files told the story of an easy going ex-con turned Private investigator, whom, with his cautious way of investigating cases and having an aversion to using guns, and along with the some times aide of his friends and father would solve the new cases that he was hired for!

Well, with the rise of remakes and TV shows being adapted into movies over the last decade, and with 21 Jump Street already having been remade, it comes as no surprise that Hollywood, would remake, The Rockford Files.

Below Stephen J. Cannell talks about the evolution of ‘The Rockford Files’.

Currently not much is known, except that it appears that Vince Vaughn (Fred Claus) will star as, ‘Jim Rockford’ the dashingly handsome and rugged ex-con turned detective.

Some believe however that Vaughn should receive an automatic disqualification because he already starred in the Starsky & Hutch movie with Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson….



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