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Charity Wakefield Is The Newest Member Of The Munster Clan

by  |  March 30th, 2012  |  News

Charity Wakefield is the new, 'Marilyn Munster' in the upcoming TV reboot of, 'The Munsters' called, 'Mockingbird Lane'

With both Bryan Fuller and Bryan Singer bringing back that cooky crazy family of monsters, ‘the Munsters’  to TV, they have started casting the actors that are going to be playing the new family, which so far looks like may include Eddie Izzard (Treasure Island) as, ‘Gramdpa Munster’.

Now according to Deadline, it looks like that have cast the most normal of the Munsters!

Cast in the role of Marilyn Munster (the most normal of the Munster clan) is a British actress by the name of Charity Wakefield (The Raven).


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