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Disney’s ‘Finding Nemo’ Heads Back In To Theaters!

by  |  January 11th, 2012  |  News

A scene from the movie, 'Finding Nemo'

Recently we have come to discover that Disney seems to be releasing a lot of their animated classics back in to Theaters for the 3D boom that has been hitting the nation, these last few years!

We reported a few months ago about, The Lion King having headed back in to Theaters, but we recently discovered that the 90s classic, Beauty And The Beast is also back in there in 3D, and in September we got, Finding Nemo in 3D

Now Finding Nemo (which was originall released in 2003), told the story of how after his son gets captured in the The Great Barrier Reef, and taken to the human town of Sydney… A timid little clown fish by the name of ‘Marlin’ (played by Albert Brooks), sets off in hot pursuit to rescue his captive son!

Thanks to the awesome people over at Comingsoon, we are able to release to you the trailer for the upcoming 3D re-release!



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