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The Box Office Report: The Winner This Weekend, First Crash Landed!

by  |  January 30th, 2012  |  News

A scene from this weekend's number #1 in the box office, 'The Grey'

According to EW:

The winner for this weekend is the latest Liam Neeson (Krull) movie, The Grey!

Now this movie which also stars, Dermot Mulroney (Silent Witness) and Frank Grillo (Lay The Favorite) among others, told the story of how a group of oil workers that were working in the middle of Alaska, are heading home… the only problem is that the airplane taking them home crash lands in the Alaskan wilderness, and to get home they got to survive the elements and a pack of wolves that would love to have them for dinner, literally!

Well folks, it looks like, with having pulled in a solid $20 million this weekend from the box office, that they are now number #1!

At number 2 we got a returning sure fire classic in the movie, Underworld: Awakening. Now Underworld: Awakening has continued to do pretty good, having pulled in a solid $12.5 million in this weekend’s box office!

And at number 3 we got the latest from Katherine Heigl (Knocked Up) movie, One For The Money.  Which in it’s opening weekend, did rather spectacularly, having pulled in a solid, $11.8 million in this weekend’s box office! And at number 4 we got the World War 2 epic in the movie, Red Tails! Now Red Tails has continued to do pretty respectably, what with having pulled in a respectable $10.4 million from the box office this weekend! And at number 5 we got another weekend opener in the movie, Man On A Ledge, which did decently having pulled in a respectable, $8.3 million in this weekend’s box office!

Well folks, it looks like for this week in the world of moviedom that, ‘The Grey’ is king!

In summation:

1. The Grey = $20 Million

2. Underworld: Awakening = $12.5 Million

3. One for the Money = $11.8 Million

4. Red Tails = $10.4 Million

5. Man on a Ledge = $8.3 Million

For more information on this weekend’s number #1, check out this trailer for the movie, The Grey:


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