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The New Grey Trailer Looking Good… And Very Tweetable!

by  |  December 26th, 2011  |  News

A scene from the upcoming movie, 'The Grey'

The Grey: A movie which stars: Liam Neeson (Krull), Dermot Mulroney (Silent Witness) and Larissa Stadnichuk (Fringe), and which is set to be released on January 27th 2012, tells the story of how a group of oil workers, working way out in the middle of no where and heading home, end up crashing in the middle of the Alaskan wilderness, and end up getting stalked by a pack of wild animals!

Now as for the trailer, you might find this to be rather fascinating, but if you currently have a profile on twitter then you will find the credits on this trailer (courtesy of Comingsoon) to be rather funny (and some how very familiar…)



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