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The First Look At ‘Lincoln’

by  |  December 2nd, 2011  |  News

Steven Speilberg (Jaws) who currently has two movies that are about to be released later this month is currently in the process of directing a third! This movie being a biopic based on one of these most famous President’s in American History, Abraham Lincoln, just called, Lincoln… 

As for the movie itself, there is little known about it at present except that more then just a few of the cast members in this movie have 3 names, including: Daniel Day Lewis (who is set to play Lincoln in the movie), Joseph Gordon-Levitt (who is set to play Lincoln’s son, Robert Todd in the movie), Tommy Lee Jones (who is set to play Thaddeus Stevens in the movie),  and Jackie Earle Haley (who is set to play Alexander Hamilton in the movie) to name a few…

Well thanks to the awesome people over at Filmjunk: we are able to release to you to you the first photo from the set of the movie!

Daniel Day Lewis, looking like Abraham Lincoln...


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