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The Dr. Who BBC Special Preview

by  |  December 6th, 2011  |  News

The Doctor (Played by: Matt Smith) with his Tardis!

If your like me who unfortunately missed the original series and the subsequent Doctor Who movies, but did get in to and have since really enjoyed the updated Doctor Who series, then you will remember that just about every year the Christmas episode, rather it be with a newly regenerated ‘Doctor’ (Played by: David Tennant) fighting off an Alien Invasion single handedly (Literally!) or when the Doctor has to come to grips with his home planet coming back to life! The Doctor Who Christmas  specials seem to be extremely action packed and entertaining!

Well thanks to the awesome people over at the BBC, we are able to give you guys a sneak peek in to the the latest action packed, edge of your seat Christmas Extravaganza… So please Enjoy!



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