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A New Look For, ‘The Munsters’

by  |  November 30th, 2011  |  News  |  2 Comments

The original Munster Family

Well folks, it looks like they did it again, only this time for TV… According to Deadline. It looks like NBC Universal, Bryan Fuller (Heroes), and producer/director, Bryan Singer (X-Men) are teaming up for a remake of the classic TV Horror/Comedy series, The Munsters… 

Now the original TV series, which starred, Fred Gwynne (Pet Semetary) as Herman Munster (The bread winner), Al Lewis (Night Terror) as Grandpa Munster (The Patriarch of the family), Yvonne De Carlo (The Naked Truth) as Lily Munster (Herman’s wife), along with, Butch Patrick (Headmaster), as Herman and Lily’s son, Eddie; and Pat Priest (Some Call It Living) as well as Beverly Owen (A Bullet For A Badman) whom both played the lovable (and normal) niece of Lily’s… Marylin Munster!

Now the original series told the story of this scary family of monsters, what with Herman being a Frankenstein monster, Lilly being the bride of Frankenstein, Granpa being a Vampire, and Eddie being a Werewolf) as they live their daily lives around the normal American town that they live in…

Now there was another attempted reboot of the Munsters back in the 80s called, The Munsters Today which lasted from 1987 – 1991. And The Munsters Today again was a comic re-telling of the original series…

The Munster family from, The Munsters Today.

This new one is supposed to be a dramatic interpretation of the classic series, as the Munsters are trying to get by in their lives in the new millenium! Bryan Singer is gearing up to direct this new reboot…

For more information on all of the versions of this series, please enjoy these TV Themes for, The Munsters, and The Munsters Today!

The Munsters:


The Munsters Today:



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  1. Noela

    June 17th, 2012at 12:45 PM(#)

    Wow, that looks completely awful.

  2. Just Sickening

    July 3rd, 2012at 2:59 PM(#)

    sickening… why would they ruin a good show

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