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Them Remake A Thing…

by  |  October 26th, 2011  |  News

A scene from the 2007 classic, 'Them'

According To Shocktillyoudrop: 

In 2007 David Moreau (The Eye) and Xavier Palud (XII: The Series) wrote and directed a nice little French shock piece called, Them… 

Now Them, which starred Olivia Bonamy (Beauties At War), Michaël Cohen (Rebirth) and Adriana Mocca (Vertiges), told the story of how a peaceful couple who live in the French countryside’s life is changed one night when they are terrorized by a group of hooded assailants!

For the remake they got David Alcade, who will be directing and Studiocanal has been tapped to produce the piece…

With out much more useful information, please check out the trailer for the original movie, Them (2007):


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