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ABM Congratulates Jack McGee and the Cast of ‘The Fighter’ for all the Nominations!

by  |  December 30th, 2010  |  Features

Jack McGee nominated for a SAG Award for Best Ensemble for The Fighter 2010

So I recently caught up with the talented Jack McGee who could be one of the busiest actors in Hollywood. Jack told me about his new film, The Fighter (2010), and all the award nominations and recognition this film’s getting! In the film he plays George Ward,  Mickey Wards (Mark Wahlberg) father. The Fighter, directed by David O’Russell, tells the story of hope, middle class struggle and integrity through the eyes of one family. David O’Russell and Wahlberg joined forces in Three Kings (1999) and I Heart Huckabees (2004). Apparently, the critics continue to nominate the cast for Best Ensemble and the cast of The Fighter delivers a knock-out performance!

Why do I love what I do? Because I get to meet guys like Jack McGee that I grew up watching in films like Turk 182, Lethal Weapon 2 and Basic Instinct to name just a few! Here’s an excerpt of my exclusive conversation with Jack, as he reveals for the first time his favorite horror film only @ AwesomeBMovies.com!

The Fighter… packs real emotional punch! -AwesomeBMovies.com


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